Thursday, September 07, 2006

RESPECT MY AUTHORITAAAA!!! (In Cartman's voice)
Parent's note: as you can see, Winston was miserable in his little policeman's uniform and he refused to post these pictures. Therefore, the first part (anything with a police uniform) is a parental posting we snuck in, the rest is Winston approved.

Poor baby, he was incredibly miserable in the uniform. So miserable in fact that he initially refused to try to take it off and instead relied upon his sad pouty face melting our hearts and leading to us removing the costume. Instead, we took the opportunity of having him still to snap some great pictures.

Soooooooo sad =(

Here he is asking "why are you doing this to me?" Poor pug.

The reason we did this to him is because he is a pug and his lot in life is to wear silly clothes.

Me and Ana actually started to feel bad, luckily we both know how to squelch emotion and guilt (especially me).

Maybe he stayed still believing that his Mommy, who he was sitting on top of, would help. Eventually, he's going to realize that Mommy is complicit in everything.

One more picture and then Winston's posting starts.


Duke & Gidget said...

Don't worry Winston, eventually you will learn how to barter. My sister and I demand treats in exchange for letting the peeps dress us up in outrageous clothing. Humans are very easily amused. You just gotta learn how to use that to your advantage.
P.S. My mom & dad think that outfit is soooooo cute!

Django said...

Hello Officer Pug, what do you mean 'my tail light is broken'?. Why do I have to pay a three cookies-fine?

Oh, and thanks for the link to my website in your blogroll by the way, but it doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

I have decided to support your habit....winston looks very intimidating in his blues. Sorry about Ohio State. :(


Samantha said...

Winston looks extreamly piddifle in his police outfit but i like the k-9 shirt that freddie got winston

Lynn said...

He looks so pissed!

Libby said...

You guys are so cruel! All of these costumes and it's not even Halloween yet!!! Poor Winston...maybe he needs to come see his Auntie Libby, I'll protect him from his Daddy's outrageous plans.