Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pictures continued.
Here are pictures of my second playdate. Mommy and Daddy wanted me to post these embarrassing pictures, but I put my foot down and refused. A pug can only take so much!
(Parent's note: hehehe). I want to thank my good friend Duke, who is nobility somewhere. I was utterly distraught after my Dukakis like thrashing at the hands of my brother. Duke reminded me that I am nobility and I still have my dignity, as well as the opportunity for a rematch. From this point on my dignity is what matters because my little brother gave me another world class shalacking and I harbor no hope of ever being victorious in the future.

Winston did not approve this picture, but this is what the back of his cute uniform looked like.

This is me in heaven. Daddy says I shouldn't eat shoes, but I don't see what the big deal is. He never uses his running shoes anyways. Oh yeah, Daddy wanted me to say "GO TEXAS, BEAT OHIO STATE!!!" I fully concur with his feelings.

I was so comfortable that I took a nap between my favorite play toys.

My little brother begins tormenting me once again. Like I said, this also did not go well.

Now, he's the one toying with me. I am a joke to my little brother.

Here, the squirt is pinning my head. All that is missing is a toilet he can stick it in before flushing.
I tried to use my superior size to intimidate him, but he knows me too well. He was not afraid.

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