Monday, September 11, 2006

Pictures continued.

This is me sleeping on Mommy's lap as she plays on the computer. Who is that sexy dog on the computer screen???

All I need to sleep comfortably is human companionship, a soft surface such as a pillow, couch, or bed, and of course one of my BFFs. In this case my yellow ducky suffices, as does the pillow and my mommy.

Hi Daddy! I was hoping he could take a nap with me on the pillow, but he couldn't also fit on Mommy's lap.

I am getting very sleepy.........

The training of my humans is coming along well. They know that, even when I appear to be sleeping, my yellow ducky or another BFF must always be very nearby.

This is what I though of Texas' performance on Saturday. Daddy agreed.

Ironically, the pillow that I am snuggling with here has embroidered on it "I spoon with my Pug Dog." In this case, the pug dog is spooning with the pillow. Is that irony? I really don't know.

It's hard to be me, but I must try to get by as best as possible in a difficult environment. Can you believe that here I was sleeping on just a pillow instead of my normal couch-double pillow- blanket combination. Such a disadvantaged upbringing.


kmfannin said...

O- H- I- O

Anonymous said...

Hello Winston, grand royal pug!! How are you?? You need to send Grandma & Grandpa a list of things you need or want. Friday is your human cousins birthday (Emily). Ask you mom & dad if you can call her and wish her a happy birthday. I hope all is well with you & I can't wait to see you so that I can carry you and play with you. You are absolutely adorable & don't let anybody tell you different. You are indeed royalty. Love and kisses to your mom & dad. Have a great night & sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

The puppy is super cute.