Friday, September 29, 2006

(making others fall under trance) "You DO NOT think that little Winston is getting fat, and you will give him all the peanut butter he wants. Actually, you will just leave the entire jar on the floor, and you will buy the big jars so that puppies that don't have snouts can fit their entire heads into it!" On a separate note, I have become fully vaccinated and cleared by the vet for pug playtime on Saturday!!

This, I think, rates extremely high on the creepy factor. If anyone that looked like this demanded something from me I'd turn it over, but NO, Mommy says she doesn't take orders from seven pound pug puppies. Then my parent's evil friend Libby suggested low fat peanut butter as "a compromise." Dukes do not negotiate, we dictate.

Back by popular FROGGY outfit. Even my Grandpa thought it was cute, and he normally objects to embarrassing small creatures.

Four eyes for looking for the treat. No way Mommy pulls another mean trick on me.


I like using Mommy as a pillow, she loves it too. She is constantly yelling sweet nothings like "WINSTON MOVE" or "GIVE ME SOME PILLOW" or she tries to hug me, but in her drowsy state accidentally and repeatedly pushes me away.

This is my right as pug royalty, although I hear that lowly pugs can do this also. However, is it treason to push away a lowly pug, I think not.

Daddy has violated Mommy's rule not to leave the news on. The other day he left on "The O'Reilly Factor" and it put me right to sleep. Even a pug puppy can tell that guy is full of crap. Luckily, my BFF monkey slipper was right there to comfort me.

See, I'm not getting fat. You can still kinda see my muscles under that strange flabby stuff.

Yes, keep the nourishment coming for this underprivileged pug.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Me being me
I enjoy playing outside, and I hope to do it more often now that Mommy is griping about me being fat. She bears some responsibility, she thought she wanted a pug but maybe she really wanted a greyhound.

Perhaps I look a little big in this picture, but cameras do add 45 pounds I hear.

I get my best exercise while getting trounced by my little brother. We may get rough but no harm no foul, let the puppies play!

Recovering from Buster's whoopin'.

Now I'm just being a pug or, as mommy says, being lazy.

Mommy's not so bad. I may complain that she wants to cut back on my food but, since she feeds me most of the time, I would be uncomfortably skinny without her.

I think she likes me using her face as a pillow...despite her protestations and constant rearranging of a certain pug puppy.

When I'm tired or my parents are ignoring me (usually during "All My Children"), I have a BFF fest. We don't need no stinkin' humans to party!

My annoying Daddy enjoys documenting my social behavior rather than just being part of it.

Shoes are so comfy. If I was a person I wouldn't wear them, I'd carry them around in my mouth constantly and have my nose dug in to enjoy their beautiful aroma all the time.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pugs and Pug lovers of the World UNITE!!!
I, Winston the Grand Duke of Pugsworth need the help of all people, no matter how lowly their status, if they value JUSTICE. Recently, a dastardly rumor has been spreading that I am getting fat! I response to this spurious and utterly false rumor my parents (primarily Mommy) are threatening to cut down on my daily KONG (TM) peanut butter supply. If you stop only one injustice this year, it probably shouldn't be this; but if you have extra energy to stop additional injustices PLEASE HELP ME! Aside from playing, sleeping, looking cute, being universally loved by strangers, and eating my normal food, eating peanut butter is all I have. Please comment and tell my Mommy to stop this madness. Below is a picture to remind you of what you are fighting for. =(

This frog picture was taken a week ago. Notice how much better it fits than before. This is proof that I am getting bigger, not fatter. I also put other posts up today, don't forget to check.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

My new pink elephant

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Before enjoying a new toy, I first must ensure that it poses no danger to me or my other BFFs. To do this, I must spend at least an hour barking at my new toy, and getting progressively closer to it, until I finally make a grab for it.

Here I am still testing it out, licking for any signs of danger...

...and sniffing for any signs of danger.

It turns out this new toy is really cool because the elephant's tail and trunk unroll to provide a convenient way for me to carry the elephant around the house.

Once the pink elephant passed my tests, I enjoyed it very much.

It is now one of my favorite BFFs!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Having LOTS of fun.
This is me chasing a strange disk around the house. It was AWESOME fun.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random Pug Fun.
Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I posted, but ever since my mommy found out that there are naked Boston Terriers on the internet she refuses to let me play on the computer alone (My hero Duke seems to ruin things for all pugs).

This is me having a good time outside. Kudos to Daddy for taking this picture as my razor sharp puppy claws dig deep into his skin and make him yell like Mommy when she sees a spider.

If I do the cute head tilt my parents forget that we're outside because I just peed on my snugglenest for no reason.

Gotta do the cute thing until Mommy stops crying because I'm frustrating her, then I can go back to being a horrible dog.

I prefer to walk myself if possible.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pictures continued.

Hi Daddy, wanna play?

Recently it's been raining lots in Seattle so my parents don't like taking me outside because by the time I'm done playing I am a very muddy fawn pug, instead of the adorable clean pug my parents love. These pictures were from the good ole days that preceded the rain.

I don't know why Daddy has not yet gotten tired of pictures of me sleeping, unless its because I am the MOST ADORABLE PUG EVER BORN. But that's just my theory.

I can occasionally look extremely creepy.

But then I pull off one of my requisite adorable pictures, and everyone forgets that I sleep with my eyes open and act possessed on occasion.

I love Mommy's monkey slippers. They are now officially on my BFFs list. (Parent's note: Winston does love Mommy's slippers...a little toooooo much, if you know what we mean. Not to worry, he'll get neutered soon.)

Sometimes it's good just to have someone you can lean on.

Pictures continued.

Here, I'm trying to figure out how a dog can fit into this small black box. (Parent's note: we were playing videos of Roy the Pug barking, and Winston was going nuts!)

I think I look porky in this picture, but Mommy and Daddy say I look like an adorable pug puppy.

More of me being adorable, at least in Daddy's eyes. Mommy hates it when I pull my ears back like this.


Quite surprised to see a camera in my face during what had been a very Zen moment.

This is proof that I passed the question on the "Gizmo pug purity test" that refers to sleeping with the whites of my eyes exposed.

One small moment of peace.

What I hope to look like momentarily because this post has exhausted me; but stay tuned, if Daddy helps me figure out how to post videos our three loyal viewers are in for some amusing pug puppy video antics.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Friday, September 15, 2006

My new clothes
Mommy and Daddy say that this costume fits my personality very well, whatever that means.

Eyes on the prize, there's a treat up there.

I got it in my mouth right here. Chew, chew, chew.

No more treats??? Starting to feel sad in my clothes.

No wait, there they are. Mommy was just refilling the bag.

Who says I only have horns after breakfast?

Here, mommy is straightening out my costume so that it does my cuteness justice. Does anyone know why a red costume with horns and a forked tail fits my personality? Is there hidden meaning?

Gonna jump for that treat! Look at my cute curly tail.

Gimme the treat!!!

Yes, I see it Mommy. Give it over!