Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pug Meetup!!!
Finally some attention! I am thinking about starting a new interest group called "Concerned Pugs United Against Harry Potter." I think that we should make it clear to this J.K. Rowling guy that we do not appreciate being neglected while our parents read the enthralling Harry Potter Series. We will united and never rest until we have a promise that no more plot-based Harry Potter books are forthcoming. [Parents' note: we got Winston to make this qualification because we are very excited about the rumored Harry Potter Encyclopedia so that we can finally find out if Mr. Weasly became Minister of Magic.]

This is me upon our arrival at the dog park; I was optimistic as always.

This is a four month old puggle named Jeremy. My parents thought that he was the cutest Puggle they had ever seen.

He was immediately trying to kiss up to me and asking what he had to do to become such a tough dog. I told him just hide under his parents legs and whine a lot and he is well on his way to be one bad hombre dog!

This is me getting chased. I love getting chased.

This is my very first BFF Dog Oliver. My Mommy and Daddy met Oliver when they were those creepy people who go to the dog park without a dog, when Oliver was a baby puppy and I wasn't even born yet. Then Oliver was the first dog that I played with at the dog park, when I was a very shy puppy.

I like Oliver a lot, but this is his little half-brother Tater Tot, and I really love playing with Tater Tot. As soon as I saw him, I struck my best "play with me" pose.

Then me and Tater Tot played tug of war with a stick.

I normally had the best of him with the stick contest, but I must admit that he had talent.

Little Jeremy tried to get in on our game. I think he realized he was in a little over his head.

Then Tater Tot's Mom threw the stick in the water, and Tater Tot and Oliver swam out to get it...

...while I waited for them on the shore.

The next time Tater Tot's Mom threw the stick out, I was quick to go out after it...

...but I don't know how to fetch things from the water, so I still had to wait for Oliver to get the stick for me.

Then Me, Tater Tot, and Oliver went to the small dog area for the pug meetup. One of my girlfriends, Scarlet, was there. Of course my Daddy had to pick her up and make sure everyone around knew he thought she was cuter than me.

Then Daddy threw the frisbee for me and Scarlet.

Look at this action shot...that is me chasing the freshly thrown frisbee.

This is me bringing it back.

Of course at any pug meetup there are going to be a few pugs that make all the other pugs feel like they really aren't that fat. This is Peanut, and she drags a little when she walks.

I think this little guy was named Kip and he tips that scales at a mere 31 pounds.

This is me being violated. Some pugs lack the dignity that differentiates Pug Royalty from the normal Pug.
Snarf Everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Weekend to Forget
Sorry for the late post everydoggy! My parents spent all weekend with a big book and did not pay any attention to me, despite my best efforts at looking cuter than the book.

I was basically abandoned this weekend, left to fend for myselves as my parents read of muggles and witches. How can a book be more alluring than this face.

Daddy, I am SOOOO lonely...please love me =(

And his response to my requests for love is to laugh at me and take a few pictures while excitedly telling me about horcruxes and stuff...he's talking crazy.

This is another one of my alone spots, I hate this Hairy Potted creature as I hate Hell, Jack Russell Terriers, and all Montagues.

Even laying right beside Mommy and looking sad elicited no response. She too was engrossed in her copy of this evil book.

I happen to think that I am adorable when I lay in my toybox and normally my parents agree. This was honestly the worst weekend of my entire life!!!
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
Some Hairy Guy
I apologize but there will be no post today. My parents were up until the early morning hours reading about a hairy pot-head, or something like that. I will post tomorrow now that my parents know that Lord Voldermort kills all the good guys and takes over the wizarding world. From what I gather, it was an unexpected ending.

The Grand Duke

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanks Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ray!!
I said that I would accept late birthday gifts and my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ray were nice enough to test my honesty on this point. To no one's surprise I happily accepted their lovely gifts!

This is me with my new yellow toy. Don't we look like we were made for each other.

ACTION SHOT!!! Here I am subjugating my new toy, which is not that easy. Unlike my Alberto Gonzales Ducky, this toy possesses both a backbone and a soul.

Here, I am debating whether to take the yellow thingy or Daddy's entire hand.

This is a picture that was taken during the Seattle heatwave a few weeks ago. Several days of 95 degree weather led my parents to buy me my first ever frosty-paws!!!

I really enjoyed the cool refreshing taste of frosty-paws. Good enough to refresh the most active of dogs but still gentle enough that they can be given as a nightly dessert (Okay Frosty-Paw guys, I did the stoopid endorsement and I expect my account to be credited by tomorrow afternoon).


After a long day there is nothing so refreshing as relaxing with an old friend: Blue the stuffed dog in this instance.

Snarf everydog later,

/s/Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I present Louie:

Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy Weekend
Is there any other kind?

First of all, on Friday, both of my parents had the nerve to leave me all alone while they went to the dogpark without me. [Parents' Note: We went to work] I tried to camouflage myself in my toybox so Mommy couldn't find me to put me in my corral before she left. It didn't exactly work. [Parents' note: this is a true story, Winston tried to hide in the toybox and we almost let him stay out of his corral because he was so cute.]

To make up for leaving me, Mommy shared her ice cream with me. [Parents' note: he only got to lick the bowl, there wasn't any ice cream left.]

Here I am trying to squish my face even more so I can reach the bottom of the bowl.

Where is it??? I know there is more ice cream around this house somewhere!

Uggg, so full!!

On Saturday I hunted down this fierce beast.

I'm pretty sure I killed him. He kept telling me to step away from his bone, but I showed him who owns the bones around here! [Parents' Note: The toy says "Oh yeah, step away from the bone...DIG IT?" when you squeeze it]

I must have plenty of beauty rest after a hard day at the dogpark. Also, when I was walking in the dogpark some people walking by laughed and said that I was the first "non-fat" pug that they had ever seen. Perhaps not a glowing compliment but I take what I can get.

Chillin' on the couch behind one of my parents is still how I prefer to spend the late nights (I like neither "Confessions of a Match-maker" nor "48 Hours Saturday Night Mystery."

Snarf everydog later,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Parents Took me to the Animal Planet Expo
I got to go down to Seattle Center this weekend. My parents said they wanted to see if any of the animal planet experts could tell then exactly what I am.

This is me and Mommy in front of the Animal Planet kiddie area. For some reason I was not allowed to go down the alligator slide in the background.

This is me looking at butterflies!!! I like butterflies!!! They are lots of fun to chase!

Another picture of me and my amazement with the butterflies!

That is one right there on the side of the net.

That is me and Mommy (in the pink skirt) running through the fountain! It was really hot but that is no reason to get wet. Nonetheless I was forced to get wet once again.

This is Mommy refusing to let me run from the water =(

This is me sticking my tongue out at her and showing what I thought of her mean behavior.

Here, I am actually getting DRAGGED through the water.

This is me as an alien.

And this is the best part of the whole day! My very first ice-cream cone!!!!!

Everyone walking by thought it was very cute for a puggy to have his own ice-cream cone.

Yummy...ummmmm, ice cream!

I even ate the cone portion of the ice cream.

It was AWESOME!!!

Here is one of what my parents kept calling "good dogs" and "dogs who pull their own weight" and "dogs who aren't worthless". He's kind of hard to see with the people in the background, but if you look close you will see a black and white dog going after a white frisbee. I never did figure out what the big deal was.

This is him in mid-flight catching the frisbee. I am not impressed.

I think this is just him showing off.

As usual, here I am exhausted after a very hard day. Believe it or not, all the ice-cream and sugar did not get me all riled up.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth