Monday, September 11, 2006

Mommy and Daddy Got a Scary New Dog!
I got a brother, his name is Alpha and he is huge!!! He also appears to have nerves of steel. (Parent's note: Alpha is a big pug magnet that Winston is terrified of. It's totally worth the $9.99 it cost. We have already had hours of entertainment!)

I was very nervous initially due to vastly greater size, so I tried to him size up. He seemed quite intimidating.

When your back is against the wall the best defense is a good offense. I launch the pug attack titled "all bark and no bite." He does not even flinch.

So I mini-bull charge. Same result, NOTHING.

I begin to crawl close, the prelude to a surprise attack...but I abort because I have the impression that his eyes are constantly on me.

I seek reassurance from Mommy that everything is ok. Unfortunately, Mommy seems to like Alpha more than me. She is constantly going up to him and petting him and whispering sweet nothings. This makes me mad and I go nuts. (Parent's note: the purpose behind showing affection to an inanimate object is to make Winston mad. It's very amusing.)

We finally make peace. Our agreement is that he'll do whatever he wants and I'll let him (Alpha is very big).

However, Alpha lacks my regal appearance. This picture was taken to commemorate three weeks of my benevolent rule.

Daddy got me this tire from Petco and, after the Alpha incident, everything was scaring me. I approached cautiously.

Then I pull the same stealth maneuver that did not work on Alpha. It seems to go better this time.

It smells edible, and that's all I need to know.

More pictures below.


Duke & Gidget said...

Winston, I think your Mom & Dad might be playing a trick on you. If I was you, I would leave them a little surprise in their shoes. hehehe

My Pugs Blog said...

Too cute!!

I've added you on my Friends list - I hope that's ok.