Monday, September 04, 2006

My First Human Visit
Can you believe that people come all the way across the state of Washington to visit me? Well they do! Mommy and Daddy made up some lie about them dropping their son off at Seattle International Airport for a trip to South America, but I saw through it. Everyone thinks little innocent Winston is so dumb (as according to my plan). Aside from some rehashed humiliations, I had a great time.

Here Ray and Lynn are putting my Duke Crown back on me. Ray and Lynn inspired my parents to get me by letting them babysit their pug and bug, Rollo and Parker.

Mommy and Daddy said that I'd have fun because Ray and Lynn are "pug people." Then, they made me wear my stupid frog suit again, so I can only conclude that "pug people" means sadistic people.

They seem to think that the situation is hilarious and they take pictures too. Keep going, there are many more pictures to come.

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