Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pictures Continued.

Here I am, unable to complete my pin and helpless as Buster moves on to a better position to restart the battle.

Here, I thought we were taking a break and then Buster launches a cowardly surprise attack on my hind-quarters.

I immediately strike back.

But then the little squirt pins me again. What is going on? I'm almost twice his size!

Here I am recovering yet again while the little squirt scurries off in the top right hand corner.

Finally, this makes sense.

Then a he gives a slip move that threatens to leave me in a half-nelson. The move leaves me defenseless.

And then, once again I am in a submissive posture like some stupid closed eyed pup!

This is not the way that I envisioned my battle going at all. I felt extremely embarrassed by my performance. I felt French, I felt like Team USA in the basketball World Championships, or like the Boston Red Sox in any game that matters (with the exception of those two weeks when the whole universe was messed up and they actually won, but I still think that was some weird nightmare). In short, my performance was utterly disgraceful.

Keep going. More pictures.


Tom said...

Your dog is a wimp, like Yogi!

Lynn said...

I LOVE the sleeping on my back photo. That should be entered into a contest.