Sunday, February 01, 2009

Change in Leadership at the Pugsworth-d'Bonapug Household
A coup against the mean one known as "the Mommy" has been sucessfully undertaken!! Although I am somewhat suspicious at the way Daddy keeps saying "temporary" and "training" and "business trip" and about how Mommy is just in some cess-pool known as Phoenix for three weeks. Whatevuh!! He is just trying to rain on our victory parade.

Cosette and I bonded with Mommy from the very first day we came home.

We loved snuggling with Mommy, and we especially love when she fed us. But we soon began to chafe under the yoke of her tyranny, so we decided it would be best to run her off. I hid her slippers while Cosette shredded her favorite blanket. We figured that the coldness of the Seattle winters would soon send her running for warmer climate. We were correct, but like other recent "nation builders" we forgot to employ any long term planning.

Now that she is gone... Daddy, you are going to feed us, right??

Daddy, you are going to snuggle with us too, right???

At least we know Daddy is a great kisser!

In fact, Daddy has always been a much better kisser than Mommy. So we will be sure to get our fill of kisses while Mommy is gone.

And, Daddy gives us things that Mommy says we're not supposed to have. Come to think of it, Daddy is a lot more fun than Mommy. Maybe this won't be so bad.

Daddy even lets us share his ice cream!

And we both fit quite nicely on Daddy's lap for napping and tv watching. Who needs Mommy? Not us! Let's just hope Daddy was kidding when he acted surprised that we eat every day, twice a day in fact.

Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth