Friday, September 29, 2006

(making others fall under trance) "You DO NOT think that little Winston is getting fat, and you will give him all the peanut butter he wants. Actually, you will just leave the entire jar on the floor, and you will buy the big jars so that puppies that don't have snouts can fit their entire heads into it!" On a separate note, I have become fully vaccinated and cleared by the vet for pug playtime on Saturday!!

This, I think, rates extremely high on the creepy factor. If anyone that looked like this demanded something from me I'd turn it over, but NO, Mommy says she doesn't take orders from seven pound pug puppies. Then my parent's evil friend Libby suggested low fat peanut butter as "a compromise." Dukes do not negotiate, we dictate.

Back by popular FROGGY outfit. Even my Grandpa thought it was cute, and he normally objects to embarrassing small creatures.

Four eyes for looking for the treat. No way Mommy pulls another mean trick on me.


I like using Mommy as a pillow, she loves it too. She is constantly yelling sweet nothings like "WINSTON MOVE" or "GIVE ME SOME PILLOW" or she tries to hug me, but in her drowsy state accidentally and repeatedly pushes me away.

This is my right as pug royalty, although I hear that lowly pugs can do this also. However, is it treason to push away a lowly pug, I think not.

Daddy has violated Mommy's rule not to leave the news on. The other day he left on "The O'Reilly Factor" and it put me right to sleep. Even a pug puppy can tell that guy is full of crap. Luckily, my BFF monkey slipper was right there to comfort me.

See, I'm not getting fat. You can still kinda see my muscles under that strange flabby stuff.

Yes, keep the nourishment coming for this underprivileged pug.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


pugfreak said...

You are too cute!

libby said...

EVIL?!!! I was just trying to help out the cutest pug puppy around!

Kara said...

You aren't fat Winston, you are pug!

Anonymous said...

Yeees! In your froogy outfit u look amazing Winston! U are so cute!!! And u are not fat; u are growing so u have to eat a looot! Little puggy kisses!

Duke & Gidget said...

Glad to hear you are fully vaccinated and ready for the pug meetup. We look forward to seeing you there. And no, we still do not think you look fat. And yes, we agree that Bill O'Reilly is completely full of crap!

Ray Edwards said...

Ah erudite for one so young.

The froggy costume is a definite keeper!