Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!!
Sorry we haven't posted in a long time, but we have been snowed-in in Seattle. I know what you are going to say, you ought to have been able to post more with the hoomans at home; but it actually does not work that way. Cold weather puts people and pugs alike into a bear-like hibernation. So, ergo, no posts.

This fat man brings us presents. That's all I need to know to wear a stoopid hat for a few minutes.

All the hoomans wanted for Christmas was a nice picture of me and Cosette under the tree, and this is what they got. Maybe Cosette and I would have posed better if we had gotten more treats during the year.

I knew immediately that one of the presents under the tree was a new guy for me. I grabbed that one as soon as I had the chance and ran to the big bed with it. Unfortunately, Cosette is now big enough to be able to jump up onto the big bed too.

This was the struggle for the new guy's heart and soul. Me and the stray destroyed any chance that we would build up any good-will.

Luckily, Cosette's attention span is not very long, and she soon moved on to our other presents.

Here's Cosette enjoying one of our new toys.

Once she gets it into her bed it is officially hers.

This is the Stray opening her first present. Hope all the puggies and people had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Snarf everydog later,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cosette Colbert Report: Weekend Edition
Welcome to this special weekend blogcast of the Cosette Colbert Report. I interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to inform you of a complete travesty of pug justice. For my entire life, my parents have been letting me ride in the front seat of the car. And I have been a very good little car rider, unlike another pug in my household who shall remain nameless, who is so horrible that he is relegated to a cage in the back seat.

Then, for no reason whatsoever, we all got in the car and my parents put me in the back seat, strapped to a seat belt so I couldn't even jump into the front seat if I wanted to. As you can see from my face, it was pretty much the worst moment of my life.

I tried to scoot over and sit as close to Winston as possible, for what little comfort he could give me.

This picture illustrates how much Winston cared about me in my time of need.

But, I eventually forgave him.

As a side note, my Daddy saw these pictures in the subway in New York City.

Apparently some people cannot appreciate the subtle differences in emotions illustrated by the pug's brow.
Here's lookin at you with two eyes,
/s/ Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Back in the Saddle
Well my loyal reader, I know you have been missing my adorable face and brilliant wit, but I am finally back in action. Me and the stray have been spending the last few weeks getting into lots of trouble and enjoying extra nap times with the humans.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, hopefully everydog out there got some special treats to be thankful for. We enjoyed lots of laying around and watching football.

We also got our very own four-course Thanksgiving dinner. This is the second course, a frozen gellatin type thing - apparently Cosette has brain freeze. It probably doesn't take much to freeze her tiny little pea sized brain.

One thing you can say about the little tyke is that she never gives up ... especially when it comes to food.

After dinner I got into my snuggly pajamas and went back to napping on the couch.
This is my preferred method of sleeping on the couch. You really should keep your head elevated for health reasons, especially when you have folds.

Cosette is learning the remedial steps of couch sleeping. First I get her used to sleeping on a high surface, only later does she learn the pug head elevation trick.

[Note the black blob with the two glowing eyes in the background]

A few days later, we went to a holiday pug meetup.

Cosette found a baby puppy to play with. She seemed to like the little girl a lot but I avoided her like the plague. I wouldn't want my parents to get the idea that I would welcome another puppy into our house.

Of course Daddy was also smitten with the puppy, but he is smitten with all puppies and has begun exerting pressure on Mommy to throw another idiot into the pack [Cosette is idiot #1].

We also did a little bit of work on our Christmas cards. Here's a little sneak peek.

Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Introducing: Baron von Lichtenstein
Daddy got Mommy a new pug, his name is the Baron von Lichtenstein. Me and the Stray really like him .... or would really like to eat him at any rate. Due to this factor, it looks like the little guy will be living at Mommy's work. Oh well, too bad it was not so easy to run the Stray off.

This is the guy on MY TABLE!!! The nerve of the newcomer.

This is closeup of the twirp. Daddy said he was the best looking pug in the house, Mommy said he was just the best looking fawn pug in the house. Below is me and the stray trying to eat him. Note the differing strategies.

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Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cosette Colbert Report
Welcome to the newest edition of the Cosette Colbert Report, also entitled "how Winston nearly ruined everything but then made up for it with a cake." As everyone knows my parents love me more than my brother, so every once in a while he pretends like he is going to die in a desperate attempt to get attention. He did that this past week. First was diarreah, so out came an antibiotic called mertronidazal to try to combat it. Then two days later Winston started acting really weird, going spastic and constantly running around for about 18 hours or more straight. Then it started looking like he could not control his legs, so off to the emergency room twice, the regular vet once, and a full panel of bloodwork told us...nothing!!! Winston was clearly miserable, unable to lay down and started falling asleep standing up. My parents then got an emergency referral to a doggie neurologist and this emergency visit became an overnight visit while more tests were done. Another panel of blood work, an MRI and a spinal tap failed to reveal anything. This was actually good because the neurologist seemed to expect to see something (my parents think he expected brain swelling or cancer), but once this was clean the vet began to suspect an acute metronidazal toxicity reaction. This happens in a small number of dogs, i.e. Winston. In the end, Winston started getting better as soon as he was taken off the antibiotic, and the spinal tap results were also clean, thereby ruling out ecephalitis. So after what my parents call an emotionally and physically draining week (Winston did not sleep much), all is well again.

I did not end up quite empty handed from this horrible affair, but more on that later.

This is the bald patch from where they took the spinal fluid for Winston's spinal tap.

A close up. Mommy and Daddy have been giving him extra attention for the past week, so his evil plan appears to have worked.

When he finally started acting like his old self again and all the test results had come back negative, Daddy got Winston a cake to celebrate.

I got to share the cake because I was such a good little sister while Winston was feeling bad - I only bothered him a little bit and I tried to sneak him some of my food when he was on his rice and chicken diet.

We enjoyed the cake very much.

The best news is that there is still some cake left over!!! And yes, this is a special hypo-allergenic dog cake that is perfectly safe for us puggies to consume.
Here's lookin' at your with both eyes,
Cosette Colber d'Bonapug
PS- the whole affair cost my parents $3,000 in vet bills, which they say is totally worth it for peace of mind and to get Winston better, but I also hear Daddy mumbling about how that is more than two sets of the golf clubs he's wanted for so long. Nonetheless, he seems happy.

Monday, November 03, 2008

A Final Word From Both Campaigns
First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. There is no excuse except that Winston has been constantly throwing up and having diarrhea, and my parents have been racing to clean up the aforementioned stuff, while also keeping a certain black puglet from eating either or both. But now I give you the Cosette Colbert Report greatest journalstic moment. Here is the question I must ask both Candidates: "Senators Obama and McCain, if elected (imagine really hard in McCain's instance) what will you do to further pugs' rights in the world?"

(This is me doing my serious journalist photo-op. This is like when other journalists are cut to nodding with a pen folded in their hand, which is upon their chin. I want to be like Katie Couric, only I want to be taken seriously.)

(This is Elle, the Republican spokeswoman. Even in professional environments I must introduce myself and check their indentity.) Elle the Elephant: Senator McCain has always reached his paws across the crates to try to bridge the gaps between breeds. While he has always preferred large breeds with short tempers and small brains, like Pit-Bulls and Palins, he has also tolerated the presence of lesser dogs like pugs. This tolerance is the true hallmark of a maverick, yet he will provide the tough love that lesser breeds need in this most difficult of times.

I did not care for her answer to be quite honest.

(Now to Donald the Donkey, the Democratic spokesman.) Senator Obama also values the presence of pugs, despite the fact that they are intellectually quite deficient. Matter of fact, the Senator finds them to be just plain dumb and fails to see what they contribute to society at large. However, he too would happily tolerate them until such time as all paws can join together and bring the change that is really necessary, but he has much better things to do with his time that lose sleep over the welfare of pampered, dimwitted dogs of questionable utility. Matter of fact...um...the Senator says they are just dumb but...um....did I mention that he thinks they are dumb? But would be tolerated...probably.

Me and Donny here are gonna have a talk, and I have to be honest I have heard nothing about pug-rights this whole campaign. This is how I lobby for pug-rights.
Here's lookin' at you with two eyes,
Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug
[Note: Cosette Colbert was recently named Chief Lobbyist for PIA, a shadowy pug rights organization]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Saturday was Pug-o-ween and me and my ugly-mug of a sister had a good ole time. I know pug-o-ween came early, but I can't control that.

This weekend was pugoween. Cosette and I were bumblebees because my Mommy waited until the last minute to get us costumes and couldn't find anything more creative.

This is me in my bumblebee costume, hiding under Mommy's legs and being attacked by Cosette. You can see my costume is already coming off, I put up quite a struggle with the costume. Mommy must have realized I was miserable because she took the costume off right after this picture.
Here I am much happier, sans costume.

Here is Mai Tai. She is my half-brother's little sister. As my very loyal readers may remember, my breeder stopped breeding soon after my litter was born. Wonton is my half-brother, we have the same dad but different moms. Wonton's parents decided to get Wonton a little sister at the same time my parents got Cosette, so Mai Tai and Cosette are almost exactly the same age, only about 3 days apart. Wonton was also less than thrilled with the whole costume idea, so Mommy didn't get a picture of him.

Silly girls and their silly dresses. They just don't know any better.

This is my good buddy Rocco. He was a dogtor for pugoween, and he was one of the three winners of the costume contest.

Here I am playing with a chug. He was small enough that I did not find him threatening.

We played fetch with that green toy.

Then he got bored and decided to attack Cosette. I wasn't going to interrupt that.

Finally we got to come home and relax on the couch. Ahhhh, this is more like it!

Cosette is very snuggly. My parents keep telling me I would enjoy snuggling with her, but I don't believe that yet. So she snuggles with Mommy.

Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth