Friday, September 29, 2006

Me being me
I enjoy playing outside, and I hope to do it more often now that Mommy is griping about me being fat. She bears some responsibility, she thought she wanted a pug but maybe she really wanted a greyhound.

Perhaps I look a little big in this picture, but cameras do add 45 pounds I hear.

I get my best exercise while getting trounced by my little brother. We may get rough but no harm no foul, let the puppies play!

Recovering from Buster's whoopin'.

Now I'm just being a pug or, as mommy says, being lazy.

Mommy's not so bad. I may complain that she wants to cut back on my food but, since she feeds me most of the time, I would be uncomfortably skinny without her.

I think she likes me using her face as a pillow...despite her protestations and constant rearranging of a certain pug puppy.

When I'm tired or my parents are ignoring me (usually during "All My Children"), I have a BFF fest. We don't need no stinkin' humans to party!

My annoying Daddy enjoys documenting my social behavior rather than just being part of it.

Shoes are so comfy. If I was a person I wouldn't wear them, I'd carry them around in my mouth constantly and have my nose dug in to enjoy their beautiful aroma all the time.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Anonymous said...

What a sleepy puppy!! We need a good sleep after a nice play-day!

Grandma said...

Good morning, I am at work. You play and have a wonderful day. Give mommy & daddy a big kiss & hug. I am going to have to send you a mirror. One of those that makes you look tall & skinny, so that we can convince your mommy that you are not fat. You are just a growing baby. Love & Kisses from Texas

Duke & Gidget said...

Winston, you're too young and cute to be worrying about your weight. Leave that to older pugs like us. Tell your Mom & Dad that it is just a little baby fat.