Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pictures continued.

Hi Daddy, wanna play?

Recently it's been raining lots in Seattle so my parents don't like taking me outside because by the time I'm done playing I am a very muddy fawn pug, instead of the adorable clean pug my parents love. These pictures were from the good ole days that preceded the rain.

I don't know why Daddy has not yet gotten tired of pictures of me sleeping, unless its because I am the MOST ADORABLE PUG EVER BORN. But that's just my theory.

I can occasionally look extremely creepy.

But then I pull off one of my requisite adorable pictures, and everyone forgets that I sleep with my eyes open and act possessed on occasion.

I love Mommy's monkey slippers. They are now officially on my BFFs list. (Parent's note: Winston does love Mommy's slippers...a little toooooo much, if you know what we mean. Not to worry, he'll get neutered soon.)

Sometimes it's good just to have someone you can lean on.

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Anonymous said...

Love & kisses from Texas. Winston can you believe I am already at work. You are so adorable. Want to meet you as soon as possible. I send another comment but I don't know if it went anywhere. Send me a list of your wants and needs and I will mail to you. Love from Grandpa, Grandma, Sophie, Roxie & Mr. Bones.