Friday, September 15, 2006

Pictures continued.

I also really like biting on the shoes tongue.

This was the decisive portion of the battle. After this the shoe has yet to challenge my supremacy again.

I just think that I look cute trying to eat the shoe here.

HI MOMMY! I won!

Me and mommy like chillin together.

I like being at head level so that I can assert dominance over her. The pecking order in our house is Daddy, Alpha, me, then mommy. (Parent's note: Alpha is the big pug magnet.)

Looking too pug for my parents comfort.

Mommy posing me. Ain't I pretty.

So sleepy, been up almost two hours at this point.

I catch Daddy while he's asleep and join him. I like Daddy like this, unconscious that is.


Mommy said...

Another clarification - Winston does not say "ain't", only Daddy is uncivilized enough to use that word. Daddy must have snuck in and changed Winston's original comment, which was "aren't I pretty", while he was taking a between-comment nap (he does that often, see previous posts).

kmfannin said...

Winston when you get as big as Alpha you won't have to wear those silly costumes. And when you described the pecking order in your house you listed them from lowest to highest, right?