Friday, September 15, 2006

Pictures continued.

I think I look adorable in the horns, but wearing it means that I can't concentrate on biting toes.

MOMMMMY, please give me the treat. I'm even giving the sad puppy eyes here.

Daddy, make her give me the treat (sad eyes)=(

I've learned that it's actually lots of fun to jump entirely into my toy box and dig for toys. Mommy and Daddy think I look very cute doing it...I agree.

It's starting to get cold in Seattle, so I should probably start making better use of my blankets (yes, there is more than one dedicated solely to my use).

I hate this picture, it makes me look like a porker. I am not, of course, but pictures like these are not going to stop Mommy and Daddy's claims that I am.

I hate being alone, so when Daddy went to the private room I cried until he let me in. Then I fell asleep between his feet. After he finished his business he got up without waking me and snapped this picture. He objected to my posting this picture and said that it was more than people needed to know. (This is revenge for posting the stupid policeman outfit pictures.)

I've been getting braver and braver, and threatening to kamikaze off the couch.

My mommy bought me this Seattle Seahawks jersey. It's too big but Mommy says I'll grow into it.

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Duke & Gidget said...

We have no idea why a forked tail and horns fit your personality, but we think you look awesome in the Seahawk Jersey. Go Hawks!