Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pug Meetup at the Dog Park!
Sunday there was a pug meetup at my dog park.

I started out the pug meetup day by begging my Mommy to let me stay home in bed. Usually she can't say no to this face. Who could blame her? But for some reason she took me to the dog park anyway. By the way- Daddy is immune to my big puppy dog eyes.

I skipped the pug part and went straight for the lake where the big dogs play. I found a nice lookout where I could watch them all chase their balls and I could search out the weak ones, it must be amazing to watch the pug's natural predator instinct kick in.

I see a stray ball! Best of all, it was lost by a sissy Rottweiler. [Parents' note: the idiot is scared of Yorkies but will seriously go after Rotties. It does make us nervous.]

These big dogs beat me to it...

But I let them know they had competition.

Without giving away all my secrets, I can tell you that my basic strategy is to wait near the shore until a big dog with a ball passes close by. The big dog usually drops the ball as soon as he gets on land - and there's my chance! I learned this strategy watching a show about Nile Crocodiles on Animal Planet (TM) while my parents were at the dog park without me [Parents' Note: We're pretty sure that Winston believes we go to the dog park without him everytime we leave the house to go to work].

See, he left the ball right there for my taking! You may notice the other pug in this picture, also going for the ball that the big dog just dropped. Perhaps she also watches Animal Planet (TM).

After I have had enough of swimming, I am more willing to play with other pugs and dogs.

Here I spot a worthy opponent...

And pounce!

The best part about the dog park on a warm day is the nice cold kitchen floor that I can lay down on when I get home.

Are you happy now Mommy? [Parent's Note: Yes.]

Ahhh, comfortable bed. Finally! Goodnight loyal reader.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My First Day Home, Part Deux
After my first day home, I had a lot of other firsts. While my parents waited to find out if they had failed the bar exam, they had a lot of time on their hands and a need for fun distractions.

Here is my first photo shoot. My parents got this sombrero in Mexico shortly before they picked me up, and had lots of great ideas for the first pictures of me. They took me to this place called Red Square where there is a great view of Mount Rainier and the Seattle skyline.

It didn't work out quite like they planned. I taught them their first lesson in Pug Photography - Pugs will only pose for treats, lots of treats.

Here I am running away. I had been awake for almost an hour, so I was ready for a nap!

Here I am at my first Pug-O-Ween, in my first Pugoween costume. Incidentally, this is also when I won my first Pugoween Costume Contest victory.

Here is my first Starbucks (TM) Frappacino (TM). I am a Seattle pug after all!

Here is my first out of town visitor. People come from far away lands to visit me! I reward them with lots of kisses.

Here is my first conquered nemesis. He's the one with his tongue hanging out (how undignified!). I ended up with a cone on my head for two weeks, but Gorby is nowhere to be found. Any other takers?

Here is my first growth chart picture, at 9 weeks.

Here I am now, at 9 months. Less cute, and less cooperative.

Finally, this post is dedicated in memory of the Honorable Judge Learned Hand, who gave us
B is less than P times L. [Damn blogger won't let me put the symbols in the formula! Grrrr!].
Law and math; is there anything that man couldn't do!?
Snarf Everyone Later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This post is dedicated to "Study Breaks"
Without "Study Breaks" my parents might never have found me, and I might not have turned into the spoiled P-U-G you all know and love today. My parents found me while they were taking a "Study Break" from studying for the bar exam, whatever that is. This post is also dedicated to Julia, one of my many fans, who requested frequent posts this week to brighten up her "Study Breaks" while she is studying for law school finals. So put down those books and enjoy some pug puppy adventures!

Here I am on my way home from the breeder.

Here I am taking my very first nap with Mommy. Me and Mommy quickly became wonderful nap buddies, as naps are one of our favorite things.

Here I am being introduced to my many toys.

All of those adventures my first day home made me exhausted! It was not long before I made myself comfortable in my new home.
...very comfortable.
Here I am teaching my parents their first pug lesson. My shirt says "Rule Number 1: Obey the Pug; Rule Number 2: If the Pug is being unreasonable, refer to Rule Number 1."

This is my first experience with grass. I have since learned to love rolling around, running around, and peeing on grass. Of course, I still prefer the warm cozy bed to being outside.

Here is my notorious first encounter with another pug. As you all probably remember, it didn't go so well. I spent most of the time in my Mommy's arms watching the other pugs run around and chase each other - so undignified! But now I guess playing with other pugs can be fun, once in a while.

This is my first bath. Now, here is another reason why not to go outside or go to pug meetups; baths generally follow those things.

Hmmm, this shampoo is kind of tasty, maybe I should re-think my opinion on baths.

And finally, here is my first beer. Nothing like a cold one at the end of a long post!
Stay tuned for another installment of remembering my first adventures, coming soon.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My exciting weekend
I love weekends. Both my servants are always home and I get to play with lots of dogs at the dogpark and at pug meetups.

My Big smile at a pug meetup. Mommy was mad because she said I refused to play until all the other dogs were gone. She doesn't understand subtlety. I was merely scouting out the situation. You can never be too careful nowadays.

This puggy weighed 40 pounds!!! Whoa, he was a big puggy all around. I am just under 20, although my parents say I look like I'm smaller thanks to the Furminator(TM) removing so much hair, and he dwarfs me! (That's me in the harness).

This a another view of the big guy. I look nervous because you have to be careful when messing with a heavyweight. The other one is one of his two brothers, who also top thirty pounds but do not quite get to 40.

This is NOT the big dog, I'm not stupid.

This is me in Doggy harness #3. I proved an adept escape artist from doggy harness #1, and I was too big for doggy harness #2. I have a strange body type; my broad chest and small waist mean that I am right between car harness sizes, even with adjustment. This one may finally work.

When I am tired I am not so whiny about being in my parents lap. My parents say that tired pugs are cute pugs, sleeping pugs are adorable pugs, but there is substantial problems with a conscious pug.

I'm a WATERPUG!! I love getting in the water to play with big doggies, but I don't go in too deep.

This is about as far as I will go. Coincidentally, it's also the furthest that I can go without my parents having a heart-attack. Daddy is going to get me a life jacket so he feels more comfortable.

This is me distracting some big dogs and chasing them away from their balls.

This is the dog that I played with for a long time. He looks kinda like me.

This is us having a grand ole time (I'm always in the harness).

When I am wet I LOVE to roll around in the dirt. It feels so AWESOME!! But Mommy never seems too keen on me doing it. Red heads are such freaks.

This is me gathering my thoughts...what to do with my free time????

Oh yeah....I'll take a nap.
snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mommy's on vacation!
So she has had all day to play with me all of this least that's what she was supposed to be doing. Note: I am so proud!! I finally met my self imposed goal of three posts in one week!

Okay Mommy, let's play fetch!

Fine, I will play with my Chuck It on my own.

And I will play with my ball on my own.

I have a strategy that usually works. First, I look at the ball...

...then I look at Mommy. Then I repeat those steps until Mommy throws the ball for me.

Okay, it wasn't working with Mommy, so I gave Daddy my saddest sad face so that he would play ball with me.

That didn't work either so all I could do was lay by Mommy's feet until she decided to start paying attention to me.

Here I am tenderizing my Snuggle Nest for a nice nap.

And here I am sleeping on the couch while Mommy watches "All My Children". I don't get it... this show is so predictable. Whoever was most recently killed was murdered by the crazy lost father of a character who recently appeared on the show and happens to be the half brother of the victim and the step son and nephew of one, or both, of the victims parents.

A closeup of a lonely, abused pug.
[Mommy's Note: Mommy not only played with Winston pretty much all day, but also took him to the dog park for almost 2 hours. He rewarded her by refusing to play at the dogpark and making her miserable once they got home. Mommy is looking forward to going back to work next week to get a vacation from Winston!]
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth