Thursday, August 31, 2006

My first identity crisis
For all my life I have felt like a frog in a pug's body. I've always wanted to jump high (primarily to get food off the table). Lo and behold, Daddy was more than willing to help me role play. It was a very serious moment for me, but from the way that Mommy and Daddy laughed and laughed I'm beginning to suspect that they got me solely for entertainment. =(

Here I am, thoroughly enjoying my new self.

This picture is out of order but it happens to be, in my opinion, the best picture ever taken of me, Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth. I think I look regal indeed.

As soon as I realize that I cannot jump any higher I want out of the stupid costume. Daddy refuses to stop laughing to help me.

I beg Mommy for help, which she eventually gives...Eventually.

At least I got food out this non-sense.

I briefly used my froggy senses in an attempt to hunt a bug. The bug eluded me.

I think I look very pug in this picture.

Me and my pal, the pig toy.

Sometimes, I realize that I am so cute that even I start to hurt. Keep going, there are many pictures to go.
Pictures continued
I think that I'd look much more rugged in this picture if I wasn't on a comfy quilt, which was laying on a comfy couch.

My parents refuse to give me human food because they say that I am getting chubby. I have no idea what they're talking about, I only know that a pug cannot subsist on three meals a day!

I'm a Seattle dog, so I gotta like Starbucks. Here I am scouting out my Mommy's yummy frappacino.

I nervously approach, the most clever disguise is to appear innocuous.


I end up completely enjoying myself (although I don't recall ever tasting the drink).

Here is the rugged look I was going for in the couch picture. This was taken in the wild grasslands of Central Asia. (Parent's note: we were standing outside the back door.)

My favorite pastime. It is quite exhausting being me.

This just puts some perspective into the picture. Don't worry, I'm still nice and small.

And cute, very very cute.
Pictures continued.

This is me defeating my pet cow. It was not an easy victory.

First I had to wrest it from the control of its dedicated protector, who also happens to be my Mommy.

Then I had to take it to a secluded location and engage in a struggle that could see only one party emerge alive. Only then was I able to enjoy the spoils of my victory.

Getting a second round of water torture. Mommy says they can do this because I've been declared an illegal combatant. I have no idea what to say to that. (Parent's note: no one ever told him that and we have no idea how he made that up, but we will stop leaving the news on when we go on errands. He got the bath because we're having company tomorrow and he started smelling like a dog.)

I really do not like this experience. Hopefully this was the last time. (Parent's note: no, this was not.)

Curious about this new challenger to my authority.

I'm quite apprehensive, there is something not right in his eyes.

He launches an unprovoked attack and a wise pug knows when to flee and fight another day.

I seek the comfort and protection of Mommy.

Just too cute.
Pictures continued
Here I endeavor to finally get some of that human food, lest I continue to slowly waste away.

Here, I carefully plan my attack.

The attack is launched. Ultimately, that attack failed through no fault of my own.

There must always be a picture of my snuggling with my BFF.

I sleep with my eyes open and rolled back so only the white shows. I'll concede it looks creepy.

But I quickly shift back to completely adorable.

The Chinese history book that Mommy was reading just put me right to sleep.

I often stick out my tongue when sleeping, but I don't have any teeth yet to hold it in.

This post has exhausted me, but I will talk to everyone again very soon. Long Live the Queen, and the High Nobles she relies upon.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hola everybody!
I'm Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth. I'm a seven week old pug puppy Duke, and this is my blog. I was very excited to find that I was high nobility (as you could imagine), but I will not allow it to go to my head while documenting my adventures.

Here I am being officially crowned the Grand Duke. The crown was made by master craftsmen in Mexico. (Parent's note: we lied to Winston about the master craftsmen. It's a $1.99 novelty sombrero we bought in Mexico, but Winston doesn't know what a crown is anyways.)

Mommy telling me to stay still so that my loyal subjects can have some good shots of me.

But...pug puppies will be pug puppies. I liked playing with my crown.

Let's recap my reign thus far (it technically starts before I'm crowned). Here I am at seven and a half weeks and a little over four pounds.

That was me at four weeks.

And that was me at two weeks. Look at the hand sizes to see how much I've grown!!! I rock!

Pictures continued

In case anyone forgot how cute I am, here is me stretching with my football wienerdog stuffed toy. We're BFFs (Best Friends Forever), at least until I destroy him.

Struggling with my crown.

I found that it occasionally interfered with my ability to bound around.

But it was useful for moving around incognito. I realized that someone may recognize me as nobility and hit me up for money or relief on their land taxes.

In addition to being English nobility, I am also a direct (though in an indirect manner) descendent of Poncho De La Pug, a great pug revolutionary that freed the wild mountain pugs from the tyrannical rule of their oppressive Jack Russell Terrier overlords in modern times.

Mommy and Daddy were very impressed that I already knew how to play fetch. That blob is me. Can't catch what you can't see.

This is my favorite hobby. Being an overlord is tiresome and I find that allowing they blood to rush to my head (by laying it off the couch) helps brains cells regenerate in sleep.

I was being a good sport wearing a t-shirt when I saw Daddy carrying around a pink tutu that looked too small for him. Out of desperation I gave the fearful pug puppy roar. It was not successful in preventing the subsequent humiliation.