Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My First Playdate
Me and Buster met again, and this time it was for some serious fun. I was going to toy with the little squirt a little before exercising my right as a big brother.

Here, we get ready to go and I give my kid bother a little slap. It's a love slap of course.

We circle each other pensively. (Buster is in the girly red collar.)

Then the play fighting begins. I allow Buster to get the upper hand early because I'm a nice big brother.

Then, everytime I tried to assert myself Buster refused to play along and kept bullying ME! Can you believe the squirt?

I wasn't losing for lack of trying. Everytime I tried to get the upper hand the little squirt was able to pin me again.

Here, I think that I'm finally about to get the upper hand.

Keep going!!! Many more.


Kara said...

Hi Winston - just found your blog! I'll add you to my list of links!

Django said...

Aaaaaah! Puppy pics! I love puppy pics! Post more, please...

Leah said...

We just found your blog, and you and your brother are SO CUTE!

My husband is from Seattle, and I recently read that pugs are the #3 dog in Seattle. That was the highest rank in the country, so I guess Seattle is the pug capital of the US! Who knew?!

Duke & Gidget said...

Thanks for the info Jason & Leah. we always thought there was something special about the area we live in, and that proves it! Pug Capital USA. We like the sound of that!