Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pugs' Weekend
*Narrated by Cosette
This weekend, it finally got above 60 degrees in Seattle and Winston is just way too hot to narrate this post. I say it is about time I get to do my own post.

On Sunday we went to a pug brunch at a restaurant downtown. This other puppy is Taro, he is the same age as I am and of course Daddy found him right away.

This was an accidental picture...accidental in that Daddy did not intend for his pug t-shirt to be featured so prominently. In case you are wondering, the shirt says "pug power."

Here is the view from the restaurant. We pugs were way too excited about the three course brunch to spend much time admiring the view or posing for pictures. That is my Daddy in all his chunky glory.

Mommy and Daddy must have decided to take us out to brunch because on Saturday they made me dress up in this costume.

I did enjoy chewing on the hat.

This is what a real pug looks like in uniform.

Winston here. This is me in the same costume. You can all tell who is cuter!

But I have to admit, the outfit doesn't quite fit me anymore. There is no way that the vest is ever going to get back on me.

Hey! I thought this was my post! You better learn to respect my authoritaaaaa!!!!

Here's lookin' at you with both eyes, [Parent's note: Cosette often mocks Winston about having the use of both her eyes. We think that is very mean.]
/s/ CCd'B (Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Bestest Buds Return!!!!
Long ago, I made two of the bestest dog friends that a pug could ever hope for. Sadly, sometime ago these two buds disappeared and went silent on their blog. Some suspected that the notorious blog fatigue had set in, but, alas, the true cause was much more excusable ... and serious. I will not go into details here, but anyone wishing to catch up on Duke and Gidget are encouraged to visit them: DUKE AND GIDGET'S AWESOME BLOG

This picture says almost all that needs to be said about their personalities. Gidget is the shy and sensitive one who dislikes the human's games; while Duke is the outgoing alpha dog who rolls with the punches and tries to avoid tripping over his massive tongue (his parents suspect that somewhere in the world there is a St. Bernard with a pug's tongue).

This was me at the first halloween. This picture was on many newpapers and entitled "Meeting of the New Big Three." Unfortunately our plans for world domination were leaked and the the grand schemes came to naught. But Rome was not built in a day.

Welcome back my bestest buds, and may the future hold better times.

/s/ Winston Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parents' Post:"Uncooperative Pugs"
We have been trying and trying since Cosette came home to get a great picture of the two pugs together. It has not worked yet. Tomorrow is the deadline for the Seattle Times pet photo contest (Winston's loyal readers will remember that last year he came in second place), and we were planning to enter in the "cutest couple" category, but it does not look like it will happen.

Winston is a pretty good poser, look at his nice smile.

Cosette on the other hand is not so cooperative. Winston patiently waits for her to take her place.

You can see Winston's attention wandering here. Cosette is actually sitting this time, but her attention is also wandering.

Cosette is somewhat more cooperative when she is held in place, but Winston has lost all interest at this point.

Even getting them both to voluntarily enter a picture is no guarantee of a quality shot.

Sometimes we can get one or the other being cute, but under no circimstances will they allow both of them to be captured during a simultaneous moment of cuteness.

Finally, the both attack the camera. Maybe they are trying to tell us something, along the lines of "enough with the bright flashing light!"

This is the best we could come up with.
Sometimes being a pug parent is frustrating.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Days of Yesteryear
Prior to Cosette coming along, things were different. Tectonic shifting had not yet created the gap between the couches which now exists. This meant that there was a sofa bridge that allowed even the most cautious of pug-nobility to explore the surrounding softness of his new home.

After I pointed out Cosette's lack of courage for jumping from one couch to the other, perhaps my loyal reader was thinking something along the lines of 'Winston, don't you know that those in glass houses shouldn't call the kettle black?' Well, as you see, I was not being a hypocrite when I called Cosette out for her cowardice. I not only jumped from one couch to the other, I slept on the gap between the houses, and I was doing that when I was far younger than Cosette.

I would still be sleeping on the gap, but as you can see here I am a little too big for that spot now.

And while it is true that the gap between the couches was a little smaller in my day, that is because I didn't need the gap to walk in between the couches. I just climbed up.

I even climbed up and got through when my parents tried to stop me with a baby gate.

Anyway, this weekend I taught Cosette how much fun it is to go on walks. How much fun it is every once in a while that is; we don't want to go overboard and start going on walks every day or anything crazy like that.

This is me letting my little twirp of a sister take the lead for a while.

The amateur had to take a break and lie down and eat some grass during our walk. [Parent's Note: it was a 20 minute walk]. Overall, she really slowed the pace.

She still had plenty of energy to pose for pictures, of course.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not tough at all
It turns out Cosette is not so tough after all, and I think it is about time that my loyal reader sees the true Cosette.

Here she is, making a sad, helpless face at Mommy because she is too scared to jump from one couch to the other.

This is the gap between the couches. Seriously, it is not that far.

But she just sits there batting her big eyes at Mommy, waiting to be carried. Real pugs treasure adventure and would take this leap on their own without hesitation.

She also gets cold really easy and is afraid of the dark. In both situations she looks to Mommy for reassurance.

Here she is in her crate. Notice how the door is open, but she refuses to leave the safety of her crate to venture out into the big scary world.

A close of the disgusting hair covered face of cowardice!!!

Frankly, I am bored with Cosette. Clearly, she's not that great. I may have to find a way to get rid of her yet...but she is good to snuggle with and chase around. I will have to think about this some more.
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cosette Attacks!
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but Mommy has been really lazy. This new sister of mine is offically nuts. I don't know what her deal is, but if anyone knows of a pug-straight-jacket manufacturer, please let me know.

This is the psycho stray lunging at me in what had been a relatively safe backyard.

This is her attempting to grab my jugular. Luckily, I was able to use a double-toed, reverse one and a half back flip ear tuck to escape her grip.

Sometimes you have no choice but to stand firm and absorb the blow. It always hurts.

She even attacks the camera!

This is my howl of pain at the realization that there was nothing I could do to save my beloved pig-toy from becoming a bacon treat to the vicious beast. Incidentally, Daddy heard my cry and saved my old friend in the knick of time ... Mommy had simply been laughing at my pain.

This is us in the backyard. She is nuts.
Snarf everydog later,
Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
and Cosette the Stray

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not So Tough After All
My parents have been going on and on about how Cosette was going to be a little social butterfly and make me look bad at the pug meetups and so forth. Well, we went to a pug meetup this weekend and, for the few moments my parents would put her on the ground, her performance was less than awe-inspiring. Matter of fact, she reminded my parents of another "cowardly" pug. I think they meant me.

This is Mai-Tai. She is my half-brother Wonton's new little sister. She is just a few days younger than the stray.

Although it is hard to tell, she is actually a lot fatter and stockier than the Stray.

She is also a lot braver than the Stray. This is her chasing the Stray while the Stray flees with her tail uncurled.

The Stray going totally submissive for the little pup.

The Stray getting her butt completely kicked.

I won this great prize by guessing how many treats were in a jar. I am an expert at knowing how many treats are available for me to eat in any given location. Unfortuntately, I didn't get any treats, but I did get this cool rope and ball toy that is great for playing tug of war with Cosette.

We also got these horrible party hats - as you can see I did not enjoy these very much.

And we got two great presents. Here we are opening one. Cosette was much more interested in the paper and the box than in the toy that was inside. She is still learning.

This is the Stray back to her outgoing and aggressive self.

This is me waiting patiently for my turn to the eat box. My turn would be spoiled by my mean Mommy, who took the box away.

I was able to enjoy the toys all to myself. This is the awesome elephant that I got.

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Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
PS- the only reason the Stray had so many pictures today was because most of them involved her being humiliated and put in her place!!