Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pictures continued.
I begin to accept my lot in life. I am a big sissy.

Being pushed around by a squirt. In my defense, he is very strong for his size. (Parent's note: Buster's size is maybe four pounds, Winston is a wimp.)

Pinned again. Mommy is yelling for me to stop messing around fight back.

I attempt to scurry away, but he grabs my leg and I am denied escape.

Those are Daddy's legs. Despite me clearly being at a disadvantage he refuses to intervene.

"HI DADDY, remember me? Your little baby getting his butt kicked in front of you." He was, of course, willing to take pictures of my misery.

Buster thinks I'm so pathetic that he sometimes plays with himself so that he can have some kind of challenge.

Trying to defend Mommy's legs. Guess how it went.

More abuse at the hands of my bully brother.

Buster ignoring me once again.

See how much bigger I am than him? How does he always win??


Mommy said...

Okay, as usual Mommy has to set the record straight. Daddy thinks Winston is a wimp, but the truth is Winston is 1. brave and 2. smart. He is brave because he keeps playing with Buster even if he does not generally have the upper hand - Winston has never run away from Buster (although he does take a few brakes) and everyone should agree that counts as bravery. Second, Winston is very smart because he knows that the fact that Winston is a little bigger than Buster made the humans nervous at first that Winston would accidentally hurt Buster, which would mean they couldn't play together right away. Winston takes the bottom position when they are playing so he will not accidentally hurt Buster and the playdates can continue. Smart and brave, just like his Mommy :)

kmfannin said...

I think Winston is OK to take a few BREAKS. He obviously doesn't want Buster to feel inferior. He is nice (a trait learned from mommy of course).