Thursday, August 24, 2006

Winston is finally home!!!!
After a long wait of five weeks, little Winston is finally home (he's a healthy seven weeks). I said previously that I Winston would take over and that I would not post until Friday...I lied on both accounts. When I was showing Winston how to use blogspot it suddenly started giving me problems. I seem to have fixed it by erasing the cookies on my computer, but I will play with it for a day to ensure that Winston does not feel inadequate if the system or my computer go haywire. Winston is adjusting very well and, due to blogspot problems, there are two posts of pictures, so check them both out.

This was actually when he was resting on his snuggle nest, but I wanted to start with a really cute one.
Sleeping on his first car ride.

This is a good view of both his snuggle nest and toy box, which is, of course, full of pug toys.

Ana holding Winston right when we were about to take him home (I'm sorry the pictures are out of order, you have to do a reverse order thing on blogspot and it's hard to fix mistakes).

Sleeping on the ride home. In the brief time I've known him I have noticed a pattern of heavy play followed by deep sleep.

Close up.

When he was sleeping Ana moved the basket that we had him in for the trip further down her legs to facilitate the taking of pictures. When he woke up and realized this he promptly jumped out of the basket (mostly) and onto Ana's lap to be as close to his human as possible. He is such a pug.

Sleeping. What a surprise.

Attacking Ana at home with his beloved pig toy in the foreground and his snuggle nest beneath.
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kmfannin said...

Winston is so cute. Congratulations on getting him home. Good luck to you both.

Lynn said...

Winston is WAY TOO cute.
THAT'S a problem in the making.

When Rollo and Parker were puppies, we called their play/nap routine:
Party like a Rock Star
Then take a Power Nap.

Need some more toys?

Ray Edwards said...

I'm worried he may not have enough toys.

Anonymous said...

When can I dog sit?
/s/ Winston's Emergency Contactee

veronica3258 said...

It seems as if Winston changes BFF quite a bit. He must be super popular!!