Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hola everybody!
I'm Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth. I'm a seven week old pug puppy Duke, and this is my blog. I was very excited to find that I was high nobility (as you could imagine), but I will not allow it to go to my head while documenting my adventures.

Here I am being officially crowned the Grand Duke. The crown was made by master craftsmen in Mexico. (Parent's note: we lied to Winston about the master craftsmen. It's a $1.99 novelty sombrero we bought in Mexico, but Winston doesn't know what a crown is anyways.)

Mommy telling me to stay still so that my loyal subjects can have some good shots of me.

But...pug puppies will be pug puppies. I liked playing with my crown.

Let's recap my reign thus far (it technically starts before I'm crowned). Here I am at seven and a half weeks and a little over four pounds.

That was me at four weeks.

And that was me at two weeks. Look at the hand sizes to see how much I've grown!!! I rock!


kmfannin said...

Are congratulations appropriate for coronations? Congratulations anyway. The crown is just right for you.

Duke & Gidget said...

Way to go Winston! It looks like you are starting to get those annoying humans properly trained. Sometimes thay don't know how to act when in the presence of nobility. But you seem to be teaching them really well.

Sachithepug said...

Winston, you're cute. A bit young for me, but do you have older brothers?
Sachi the pug

El Guapo of Pugestine said...

Don't let the power and fame go to your head, senior. You'll end up looking like me...