Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pictures continued

In case anyone forgot how cute I am, here is me stretching with my football wienerdog stuffed toy. We're BFFs (Best Friends Forever), at least until I destroy him.

Struggling with my crown.

I found that it occasionally interfered with my ability to bound around.

But it was useful for moving around incognito. I realized that someone may recognize me as nobility and hit me up for money or relief on their land taxes.

In addition to being English nobility, I am also a direct (though in an indirect manner) descendent of Poncho De La Pug, a great pug revolutionary that freed the wild mountain pugs from the tyrannical rule of their oppressive Jack Russell Terrier overlords in modern times.

Mommy and Daddy were very impressed that I already knew how to play fetch. That blob is me. Can't catch what you can't see.

This is my favorite hobby. Being an overlord is tiresome and I find that allowing they blood to rush to my head (by laying it off the couch) helps brains cells regenerate in sleep.

I was being a good sport wearing a t-shirt when I saw Daddy carrying around a pink tutu that looked too small for him. Out of desperation I gave the fearful pug puppy roar. It was not successful in preventing the subsequent humiliation.

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