Monday, August 28, 2006

Pictures continued
Normally I can rely on Mommy to save me from Daddy's annoying antics. When I saw this pink tutu I knew whose idea it was. When Daddy put it on I ran to mommy for help...BUT MOMMY JUST STRAIGHTENED IT OUT!!! I was so miserable. Masculinity personified is not meant to wear a pink tutu. =(

I seek out Mommy's help to rectify Daddy's intentional infliction of emotional distress. As I said, no help was forthcoming.

I stick my tongue out to show Daddy what I think. Aren't high nobles allow to have peons summarily executed? I should look into that.

I have to admit, aside from the humiliation, I think I looked pretty good in the tutu.

Sometimes I go to a happy place or seek out another distraction. Playing with my rope toy takes me to my happy place through distraction.

I later remembered how miserable I was and I decided it was time to pout.

I later realized...if you're gonna pout, why not do it from the comfort of a snuggle nest. I am out of the tutu now. I shall begin plotting my revenge.

These pictures precede the tutu, and I did not mind this shirt so much because at least it makes sense. The shirt is entitled "Obey the Pug" and it goes on to state "Rule #1- Obey the Pug, Rule #2- If the Pug is being unreasonable refer to rule #1." I thought the shirt meant that Mommy and Daddy were already trained. Evidently they just thought it was a joke.

What kind of imbeciles buy a shirt that is clearly too big? You'd think they'd never sized pug puppy clothes before.

If the sleeves are not rolled up it fits even worse.

Between the ill fitting "Obey the Pug" t-shirt and the tutu I was exhausted. Here I am taking comfort by Mommy's feet as she washes the dishes. My annoying Daddy refuses to stop taking pictures of me, but, as I said, he'll be dealt with.

/s/ Winston, The Grand Duke of Pugsworth

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kmfannin said...

Daddy better be careful that Mommy and Winston don't gang up on him someday. A tutu?!?!? What were they thinking?