Thursday, August 10, 2006

Winston is becoming adorable!
We made the two hour drive down to the breeder today to visit Winston and it was completely worth it. He's huge (2 1/2 lbs) and our breeder thinks he'll be sufficiently weaned and kitty litter box trained to come home a few days early. Here are some pictures that just scratch the surface of Winston's pug cuteness.

Winston being goofy.

He stands out in a crowd.

I hate this picture but Ana thinks it's cute that he was trying to eat my glasses.

Ana and her baby.

He spent a large portion of the time trying to suckle our fingers, it was cute but may not be a sign of high intelligence; but if we wanted intelligence we would not be getting a pug.

The orange IDs him (it's a harmless marking paint the breeder has) because he and his brothers look alike.

Ana scolding him for the first of what is sure to be many times.

Trying to eat Ana's leg.

Getting tired.

Looking cute, tired, and small.

He didn't like the camera at first, but he seems to have become very photogenic by the end of our visit.


Saying goodbye (just for now). We played with him for an hour straight and it just exhausted him. Here he sleeps in my arms, once again.

Trying to force himself awake to smile for Ana.

A brief second wind, or a hug goodbye.

We have to go to Texas to visit my family and won't have posts for about two weeks, but loyal readers (both of you) stay tuned for Winston's arrival (we think about August 23 now).


mommy said...

For the record, mommy was not scolding him, and mommy told daddy he could only use that picture if he included a disclaimer stating that mommy was NOT scolding...oh well, Winston is sure to need a little discipline once in a while :)

Grandma said...

Winston is an absolutely darling! I am proud to be his grandmother. I hope to meet him someday. Mommy & daddy better be nice to Winston or he might decide to come live with grandma & grandpa. Love & Kisses to Winston

Anonymous said...

He will make great stir fry when he gets a little meatier. mmmm

kmfannin said...

Winston IS huge. But really cute, as pugs go. Congrats! Don't even think about human babies!!

Lynn said...

I love the photos!
Look forward to more.
Right on about the intelligence, cute is what counts.

Ray Edwards said...

Hey guys - your little baby is very cute! I love the website. Please, more about the lives and thoughts of pugs, especially Winston.

Love the picture of the shoes.