Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Winston is coming!!!
Winston is a little pug that was born on July 8, 2006. His breeder thinks that he may be able to come home around August 26, 2006 (home is the Seattle area). He was only two weeks old when we first chose him but once he snarfed in my face and fell asleep as I held him out for the camera- I knew he was the pug for us (it was very hard to choose because, as Ana said, they all "looked like rats"). This blog is going to be dedicated to Winston's thoughts, but since he is neither here nor yet proficient at typing, Ana and I will handle the first few. Here is Winston about three weeks ago.

Perhaps there was initially a slight rat look to him.

The behavior above is why we chose him.

I hate this picture, but it is actually the best one of me and the koala/rat look alike.

And Ana as a glowing first time mother.

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