Thursday, August 10, 2006

Background information
We did not jump into to getting a pug. Only a fool would do that because pugs are not just dogs, they are ugly, hairy children that never really grow up, or get any smarter than the day you bring them home. Luckily, our friend Lynn let us babysit her pug and bug (boston terrier-pug mix) anytime that she was out of town. We grew to love the little mongrels, and only after two years of training did we feel ready to get our own pug.

A face you can't resist; at least not until you get to know him. This is Rollo Tamasi, he is all pug and then some. His hobbies include eating anything that is dropped on the floor, including cloves of garlic and powerful pain medication spit out by his older brother (he thought the garlic was tasty, but the pain medication caused him to be very calm for a day). Unfortunately, he also loves eating poop. We hope little Winston does not adopt this habit. Generally, he is absent minded and provides hours of unintended comic entertainment.
This is Parker (a.k.a. Lollipop) and she is an absolute angel. She sleeps because she is Rollo's primary caregiver and companion, which would exhaust a beast with the greatest stamina. Rollo spends a lot of time picking on her, but everyone can tell they love each other. Her biggest pet peeve is getting her feet wet, so she refuses to go outside in bad weather and, if necessary, goes on the kitchen floor (poor Ana has to clean this up), but her potty training is worlds above that of Rollo.
Rollo being Rollo.

Rollo being Rollo, only more so.

Here, Rollo is annoyed that Ana had the audacity to breathe, thereby moving him ever so slightly. If a pug gives someone this look they should take heed because there will be no further warnings.

They do love each other...but Parker is slightly more exhausted from the experience.

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