Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pictures continued.

This is me defeating my pet cow. It was not an easy victory.

First I had to wrest it from the control of its dedicated protector, who also happens to be my Mommy.

Then I had to take it to a secluded location and engage in a struggle that could see only one party emerge alive. Only then was I able to enjoy the spoils of my victory.

Getting a second round of water torture. Mommy says they can do this because I've been declared an illegal combatant. I have no idea what to say to that. (Parent's note: no one ever told him that and we have no idea how he made that up, but we will stop leaving the news on when we go on errands. He got the bath because we're having company tomorrow and he started smelling like a dog.)

I really do not like this experience. Hopefully this was the last time. (Parent's note: no, this was not.)

Curious about this new challenger to my authority.

I'm quite apprehensive, there is something not right in his eyes.

He launches an unprovoked attack and a wise pug knows when to flee and fight another day.

I seek the comfort and protection of Mommy.

Just too cute.

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