Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pictures continued
Here I endeavor to finally get some of that human food, lest I continue to slowly waste away.

Here, I carefully plan my attack.

The attack is launched. Ultimately, that attack failed through no fault of my own.

There must always be a picture of my snuggling with my BFF.

I sleep with my eyes open and rolled back so only the white shows. I'll concede it looks creepy.

But I quickly shift back to completely adorable.

The Chinese history book that Mommy was reading just put me right to sleep.

I often stick out my tongue when sleeping, but I don't have any teeth yet to hold it in.

This post has exhausted me, but I will talk to everyone again very soon. Long Live the Queen, and the High Nobles she relies upon.

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hold you and play with you. You are growing by the minute. You are the cutest doggie I have ever seen. I know Mommy & Daddy love you a lot. Maybe you can come on vacation and see me, if not Grandpa & I will go see you. Keep and eye on your mom & dad and give them a sloppy kiss for me. Love your grandpa

Anonymous said...

This was really send by your grandma. Typing error.