Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Our breeder informed us that Winston will be ready to come home this Thursday (August 24), so look for cute puppy posts on Friday (we will be too busy playing with him Thursday to post). Once Winston is here he will take over the postings. Blogspot is simple enough that I have confidence that he can figure it out. Below is definitive proof that we went to Texas (the Alamo). The weather was lousy, with all but one day being over 100 degrees.

The Alamo. It looks pretty at night and the temperature is bearable. For those who have not been there: the main building is surprisingly small and there is no basement.

This is one of my parent's dogs. Her name is Sophie and she is my favorite of the bunch. She weighs 110 pounds and her primary job is to be a speed bump in the hallway. She excels at her job and, despite he stature, is the most kind and Zen dog that you'll ever meet.

Engaging in her favorite pastime.

This is her best bud Roxy, who also loves laying around but maintains a trim figure by running around a lot in the Texas heat. However, she still knows how to calm down once inside the house.

A nice picture of pretty Roxy.

This is the new kid Mr. Bones. He does not yet know how to behave in the house. The leash is a like a portable crate that my parents use to prevent accidents by keeping an eye on him while he is inside. He is estimated to be four months old and literally followed my parents home one day about a month ago. At the time he was emaciated, hence his name, but he has recovered at an amazing rate and is now getting to enjoy his puppyhood. My dad is confident he can mold him in the image of Sophie and Roxy. I think he has his work cut out for him, but Bones is very cute.

This is Amigo (Migo for short). He is Ana's dog back home in Ohio. He's a mutt that Ana loves very much, and who I was required to post if I was to post any pictures of my parent's dogs.


kmfannin said...

What about the sweetest boxer/beagle/pitbull mix ever?? Where's Mindy's picture? and Migo is a toy continental spaniel NOT a mutt.

Tom said...

And what about Yogi?

Duke & Gidget said...

We can't wait to see more pictures of little Winston. He is a total cutie!