Thursday, August 31, 2006

My first identity crisis
For all my life I have felt like a frog in a pug's body. I've always wanted to jump high (primarily to get food off the table). Lo and behold, Daddy was more than willing to help me role play. It was a very serious moment for me, but from the way that Mommy and Daddy laughed and laughed I'm beginning to suspect that they got me solely for entertainment. =(

Here I am, thoroughly enjoying my new self.

This picture is out of order but it happens to be, in my opinion, the best picture ever taken of me, Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth. I think I look regal indeed.

As soon as I realize that I cannot jump any higher I want out of the stupid costume. Daddy refuses to stop laughing to help me.

I beg Mommy for help, which she eventually gives...Eventually.

At least I got food out this non-sense.

I briefly used my froggy senses in an attempt to hunt a bug. The bug eluded me.

I think I look very pug in this picture.

Me and my pal, the pig toy.

Sometimes, I realize that I am so cute that even I start to hurt. Keep going, there are many pictures to go.

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veronica3258 said...

Some people find it creepy when parents dress their animals as other animals. Isn't that animal cross dressing? It could be harmful to Winston later. :)