Thursday, August 10, 2006

Like any good parents Ana and I already received some initial necessities for our pug puppy. We don't get Winston for another 2 weeks, but we got these things for him more than a week ago. Some people laughed that we bought goodies almost a month before we could possibly get him. (An aside- blogspot does not allow you to have a blog if you are under 13, so I was not permitted to put Winston's date of birth as being 7-8-2006, but rather had to put simply 7-8. I commend blogspot for its efforts, but allowing someone to delete the year of birth and go on from there suggests their entire heart may not be in enforcing their age limitations.)
After food and love, both of which will be supplied in abundance, a pug is most concerned with his play time. To help him out we gave him this nice padded toybox, which we suspect he may use as a bed also even though we bought him a doggie bed (we don't know when he'll use the doggie bed since he will be sleeping with us or on our lap). The toy box is, of course, full of toys and the blue blanket actually has three large images of pugs on it to make him feel comfortable.

He has to have shoes too! Here are his pair, placed neatly between a couple of mommy's pairs.

A leash so that we can take him around the neighborhood and nearby parks (primarily to show him off).
And, of course, an appropriately cute treat jar.


Lynn said...

You will truly be excellent parents to Winston. Even my dogs do not have a padded toy box. If we did, Scooter would have ripped it apart within 1/2 hour of purchase.

libbykreeves said...

Amazing, after your training with Winston, the two of you will be well-prepared for parenthood...maybe even a human baby? Someday?