Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pictures continued
I think that I'd look much more rugged in this picture if I wasn't on a comfy quilt, which was laying on a comfy couch.

My parents refuse to give me human food because they say that I am getting chubby. I have no idea what they're talking about, I only know that a pug cannot subsist on three meals a day!

I'm a Seattle dog, so I gotta like Starbucks. Here I am scouting out my Mommy's yummy frappacino.

I nervously approach, the most clever disguise is to appear innocuous.


I end up completely enjoying myself (although I don't recall ever tasting the drink).

Here is the rugged look I was going for in the couch picture. This was taken in the wild grasslands of Central Asia. (Parent's note: we were standing outside the back door.)

My favorite pastime. It is quite exhausting being me.

This just puts some perspective into the picture. Don't worry, I'm still nice and small.

And cute, very very cute.

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