Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Mysterious Tools of Karma
Everyone knows that I am an domination plans aside. So, it turns out that the dog that blinded me in my right eye actually saved my sight in my left. Confused?? I understand if you are, here is what happened: it turns out that I have an immune problem which has led my body to believe that something is wrong with my eyes, and this condition has probably been around since I was a puppy. My body's reaction was to flood my eyes with blood to protect them, but over time the blood would build up and detach my retinas, thereby blinding me. This takes time since the body is able to absorb and recycle a good amount of blood. So, the reason for the "freak accident" with the other dog was that my eyes were already bleeding and his contact with me created a full blown hemmorage that blinded my in my right eye, but led to me going to the dogtomitrist. The Dogtomitrist said that my "good eye" was in such bad shape when I came in that had the collision not occurred my parents would never have known anything was wrong and I would actually be blind in both eyes by now...that's how bad the damage was two weeks ago. Luckily, the steroids have put my body's natural reaction in check and probably saved my one eye, although we are not completely out of the woods yet. In conclusion, that dog that attacked me saved half my sight and may have been my reward for being a furry angel. By the way ladies- I will be on steroids the rest of my life, so very soon I will be a very buff pug!!! [Parents' note: Winston is actually going to probably become a very fat pug since the steroids have actually tripled his appettite, but everything else is true.] Once last thing, last Friday (August 24) was the 1st anniversary of my "forever-home day."

This is me with my good and bad eye. It turns out that my bad eye does not reflect the flash anymore it seems. My parents have theorized that this is because the retina is not where it is supposed to be.

I was the pick of the litter and this was me sitting in my other corral just moments before my parents took me home. Can you guess which one I am??? That's right!!! I am the rather chunky one in the middle with the collar.

This is me on my first ever car ride. My breeder kept me and my siblings in the corral so my first day home was the first time I experienced so many things, including grass and cars.

This is me getting as close as possible to my Mommy on the ride home. I was afraid that they might not want to keep me so I really sucked up to everyone. Luckily, they kept me.

As soon as I got home, I had lots of fun toys waiting for me. It's almost like my parents knew I was coming

This is my first stand up fighting with my tongue out and ear flipped picture that I know to be in existence. My Mommy likes my little tongue, My Daddy likes my flipped ear.

I also had a nice bed waiting for me. All the play was somewhat tiring.

But I was only home a few hours before I realized that I prefered the big bed.

Now, one year later, I still have lots of toys to play with, and now I am big enough to jump right in my toy box and play with all of them at once.

I also still love the big bed, and take up the majority of the room on it, along with at least two of the three pillows. That's right, my parent's bed has three pillows - one for Mommy, one for Daddy, and one for me.

Snarf everydog later,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Oscar said...

You are so lucky to have found a good home. I think you can tell how much your parents love you based on the number of toys you had waiting on you. I had three.

So please tell me a little more about this immune problem. DId you damage your eyes a long time ago and just didn't know it until then? Maybe I'll have to reread your post because I may not have read it that clearly. I am just a little confused as to how the "condition" arose in the first place. The dog at the dog park did not hurt you right? It was preexisting? So was it somethign that just happened or did you damage it somehow earlier?
WEll, I am glad that your other eye was saved. I don't know that this problem was good to hear about or worse than just knowing your eye was hurt. But it stinks either way. Are you going to be a pirate for holloween? ;)

Winston said...

It appears that I was simply born with this immune problem. Had I not had it then I probably would have just received a minor booboo from my run in with the big dog at the dogpark. However, since I had this condition the impact changed the blood that was spewing in my eye into a full blown hemmorage. This injury was actually good because had my eye been left untreated I probably would have already gone blind in both eyes. This way I have at least one eyes worth of sight. Oh, My Parents have already decided that I am going to be a pirate for halloween.

The Grand Duke

Oscar said...

Oh OK. Thank you for the clarification! I guess all things happen for a reason. If you weren't attacked by that dog you'd never would have been able to help yourself!

I think you'll make a good pirate! I still haven't decided what I'm going to be for Halloween. I guess it's still kind of early.

Suki Sumo said...

Maybe the big dog had x-ray vision and knew you needed a swift bump to the noggin' to get it all taken care of. Hey, stranger things have happened!
I am very glad to hear that some good has come of this. Now at least you have one good eye to watch me grow up and into the most beautiful pug in the whole wide world.

Pug Mommy said...

Winston, even with the steroids making you a very buff pug, you will still be extremly handsome. However, all the stay-puff pug jokes about Napoleon are coming back to bite you though.... :)

Are the steroids making you have to pee all the time too? When nappy was on them after he had an allergic reaction to raisins which turned him into a bumpy lumpy pug he was one them and peed ALL THE TIME!

We are so glad you are doing better and Maggie sends kisses your way.

PS. Are you upset the Alberto Gonzalez the duck is just abandoning you in your time of need?

Winston said...

Pug Mommy,
Winston does have to pee more since he's been on the steroids, but not so much that he's been having accidents, which is good. He can also still go all night without needing to go out, which is also good. He has been WAY hungrier though, he is always licking his food bowl like he's starving to death.

-Winston's Mommy

almond said...

awww i will never get bored of watching your baby pics!!
more more more

kisses on ur poopy eye, bii

luv, almond

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

So glad to hear things are looking good for you!