Sunday, August 12, 2007

Am I A Pugist???
So, I was feeling a bit down this past week and nursing my eye (which still does not have sight but may be getting better) when my spirits were buoyed by the kind comments of my new buddy Peanut. Wow I thought, kind words from a pug named Peanut. But when I looked to Peanut's web-site I realized that Peanut was not a pug at all, but rather a Boxer. So I got to thinking and realized that all my buddies are pugs. I assure everyone that my past exclusionary behavior was an unfortunate oversight and I have rectified my ways ala George Wallace. I have made a new section for all "lesser dogs." So, if you are a "lesser dog" that is willing to be my friend, please leave a comment and I will list you on my new friends' tab.

I was quite down in the dumps when I finally recognized my rude behavior.

I really wanted nothing more than to hide from everyone, myself included.

Oh! I'm so ashamed! So very very ashamed.

My embarassment quite often pushed me to the verge of tears. All I could do was sleep and mope.

But during this dream it occurred to me that redemption is the best medicine. I shall now expand my horizons and be happy to call numerous lesser dogs my friends.

Snarf everydoggy later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Peanut said...

Oh I am so glad I have expanded your horizons. I am excited to be your first "lesser dog" friend. I would not feel bad about it though if I were you.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You're so funny Winston. I'm a pugist too, but I'm proud of it. We are the greater breed. Sorry peanut ...

Suki said...

Peanut is very cool, I'm glad you're making new non-Pug friends, Winston.

You will notice (if you ever decide to visit my blog again) that MOST of my friends are not Pugs, but it's great cuz you learn about other dogs, too! Heck, my best friend is a Boston Terrier! ;)

Puggy kisses

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

Finally it has been SAID! PUGIST's UNITE...

And my Winston can you add me and my mummy to your blog? Btw - You should know I am part of Ayatollah Mugsy's wenches - ie concubines.

I will ask him to pray for you and your speedy recovery - but alas he is also undignifiably being cross dressed at the moment due to his recent injury.

Pug boys, will be pug BOYS let me tell you.

Jaxson said...

How do you feel about us partial pugs? In my heart I'm pure pug!!! Even the v&# can't identify my genealogy!

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Too funny. At least you see the light now.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy Mae

Your three cousins said...

Winston, you are adorable. I hope you get your eye back to normal. Remember if you ever want to get away you can always come down to TEXAS and spend some time us.

Oscar said...

Don't you know your history? See Pugs originated in China where we were royalty. We never associated with other dogs. I don't think you are pugcist at all, but we do top the hierarchy in dog breeds. I'm OK with associating with Boxers because they are in our ancestry too.

Sequoia is my name being a pug is my game..... said...

Hi Winston my name is Sequoia, I am a puggy gal that has a blog like you! Would you like to be friends? Check out my blog if you want! I really enjoy your blog!


Pug Mommy said...

lesser dogs! winston you are hilarious!