Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pug Meetup
I went to a pug meetup before I got sick and had lots of good times. It looks like I am out of commission until all symptoms of my cold have been gone for 5-6 days. I did good today, so assuming I don't cough up a lung tonight, next week's pug meetup is still a possibility.

Apparently pugs don't understand that the command "sit" doesn't always mean that a treat is involved.

This is me, being as cute as ever.

This is Wonton. My parents saw a picture of him with similar marking paint on his head so they suspect he may come from the same breeder, but they forgot to ask. We'll check next time, but I don't think he's nearly as cute as me...also, he acts like a lunatic.

This is Buddy. His manhood has not been taken away because he may be studded. As a result, he was humping everything is sight. I miss my manhood.

This is my Daddy hiding behind Otis. What's the big deal? I still think I'm cuter than him.

This is just a random pug that my Daddy took a picture of after he snatched the camera from me without permission. I'm definately cuter than this one.

I am cuter than this one also.

This is Goliath... like I said before, he really hated my Daddy. His peeps said Daddy looks like his vet.

...and this is Goliath running away from my Daddy.

This is Otis vicously attacking me. I think Daddy was encouraging him. Regardless, this little guy has no class.

This is me, Otis, and another pug investigating each other.

That is me in the middle getting triple teamed. I swear, don't any pugs besides me have any manners!

This is just a cool action shot a handful of us puggies. I am feeling much better, as the days go on my parents stop worrying about me and start complaining that I am harrassing them again.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Pug Mommy said...

That is hilarious that Goliath hates you daddy cause he looks like the vet. Too funny! Also, Winston I can say with firm authority that you are 10x cuter than most of those other pugs.

Aunt Roni said...

Dear Winston,
That is a great picture of you and your daddy...why is your mommy never in should showcase her sometime soon.

Winston said...

Aunt Roni,
That is actually not me in the picture with Daddy, that is Otis the usurper. Also, Mommy requests not to be in pictures posted online, otherwise I would put up more pictures of her.

The Grand Duke

Winston said...
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Panda said...

Winston, you are definitely the cutest pugger in the pictures!

Are you sure your dad is not a Vet??

Page Cole said...

My Winston has requested that I link you on my blog under his and Sela's favorite links. Also, he loves your name and said it is very regal and dignified.

Kennie said...

Hey! I made a cute virtual pet site and I'd like you to check it out and maybe adopt one of the virtual pets and put it on your blog. The link is below.

Oscar said...

You are so lucky to get to go to pug meetups. I haven't 'been since last summer. ;(
The woman who runs our pug club insists on meeting outdoors to go for on-leash hikes when it's 25 degrees out!

Anonymous said...

Sending you "get-well puggy" wishes...I want to play with you again! We plan to make it to the meet-up on Saturday, so I hope you're able to go, too!

Oliver (who now weighs 17 pounds!)

Winston said...

Hey buddy. Unless I have a relapse of my cold between now and Saturday I should be at the puggy meetup.

The Grand Duke