Friday, February 09, 2007

Friends Matter
I decided to write this post because my friend Oliver was scheduled to lose his manhood yesterday. I feel for Oliver since I also went through this recently. WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS STOP?!?! In order to show what Oliver's parents are missing out on I have posted some photos of me as a puppy with my good friends.

This was me and my pig toy, one of my first friends.

This is me, my pig toy, and my BFF football weinerdog.

This is the three of us again, but with the addition of me looking really creepy.

This is me, my mommy (hiding), and my yellow ducky squeak toy. Mommy is my friend even though I bully her a lot.
Snarf everyone later and best wishes on a speedy recovery to Oliver,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

My condolences to Oliver on his loss.

LMizzle said...

Neuticles! I'm telling you...release the neuticles!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Winston...Oliver's Mommy here. I thought this would be a perfect day of snuggles and pampering during Oliver's recovery. However, NOTHING has changed...he didn't even seem fazed by the whole procedure?! I thought this would tame the beast for a day or two!! We were given orders to keep him calm and quiet for the next few days...does pulling off the Buster collar and dashing full-steam UP the stairs count as quiet activities?? He is still nuts! Maybe I'm a bad mommy who can't discipline...

Anyways, thank you for the good wishes. He will see you back in action soon!

Aunt Roni said...

You used to be so're still cute just a little thicker.

dog lover said...

Brownie likes to sleep with his toys, too! Too cute! Our favorite thing to do is nap together...Pugs are the best napping buddies! Although we do like to get too comfortable and stretch out...woof!

Porky & Brownie