Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Late Birthday Daddy
Yesterday was my Daddy's 27th birthday. I arranged to go and buy him some really swell birthday presents!!

This is the really cool water circulator\waterfall I got Daddy so that he always has clean water to drink.

This is me showing him how it works. C'mon Daddy, get down here and have a drink with me.

This is the best birthday present I've ever bought anyone!

See the ball on the left, that's one of my original toys and my favorite ball. It also has a loud rattle in it that Mommy really, really hates. I figured that since I like mine so much that Daddy would like one too, so I got him a big one (because he's fat--I'm still a little mad about the whole neutering thing).

I also got him a monkey that squeaks. Here is a picture of all my new...I mean Daddy's new toys.

Daddy wasn't playing with any of his birthday presents so I tried to show him how it was done.


This is a picture of me and I put it in because otherwise this whole post would have been about Daddy's new toys, and this is my blog.

Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
PS- this is my blog, so I do not appreciate Aunt Roni leaving messages to my Daddy on my blog. Also, if she is in any way suggesting that Daddy authors this blog then I am extremely offended.


Ronin_The_Pug said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Winston's Daddy!! See what nice toys Winston got for you? :)

LMizzle said...

HAHAHHAHA. So great.

I should get the dogs to get their dad something for his birthday in April!

Kara said...

You are so generous! And smart too - cause you can use all those things if your daddy doesn't!

Pug Mommy said...

This daddy's birthday thing really worked out well for you!

Duke & Gidget said...

Happy Late birthday Winston's Daddy. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful presents that Winston got for you. We know we sure would!

On another note, we are both still a little bummed that your coup didn't work out. We were hoping for a Secretary of Pupperoni or Chairman of Squeaky Toys Committee appointment. Oh well, maybe next time.

Also, we will talk to our chauffeur and see if we can arrange a play date, or at the very least take us to a meetup. It has been a couple months since our last meetup, and we are itching for some action!

Aunt Roni said...

Sorry, Winston...it won't happen again. :)

Sarah S. said...

Grand Duke...you have, without a doubt, the cutest face I have ever seen. Perhaps more importantly, you also have excellent taste in birthday gifts.
If you're ever in Indianapolis, I would happy to act as your personal chauffeur (although I'm sure someone of your stature is fully staffed).

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Winston's Daddy! I'm sorry that I won't see you this weekend at the meet-up...there's something going on today that involved NO FOOD, no treats, and no water. It will be followed with a trip to the vet?! I think something fishy is up...in related news, I learned how to lift my leg! Mommy said she liked it better when I squatted...she muttered something about killing all her plants.

Take care and have a good weekend,
Your Buddy Oliver

Winston said...

RUN!!!! They're gonna take away your manhood! Head for the hills!!! I hope you read this before it's too late. On the upside, you can expect to be feeling normal in a few days, although hard play will have to wait a week.

The Grand Duke

Winston said...

Actually Oliver,
It should be a week and a half, at least, before hard play. Thanks to everyone else for your nice comments, but Daddy accused me of being selfish. Eventually, he did get on the ground and share a really cool drink of water with me.

The Grand Duke

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you learned how to shop and got your dad something