Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Brief Post
My little brother Buster came over today for a five hour private play date and we completely exhausted each other. Here is the brief run down: I am built for power and he is built for endurance. Therefore, I initially had the better of him but as time went on he slowly wore me down. Regardless, we both had fun and are exhausted which should make both our parents happy. Look for a post of our play date later in the week.

This is me after the play date, regal but I don't think this picture conveys the exhaustion that accompanies exertion which rivals that of a marathon runner.

This picture shows me tired, but I did have a blast.

These are my mommy's new pug slippers. They don't completely look like pugs but I guess I can see some resemblance. I spent the whole night fighting mommy for control of them. Soon they shall be in my toy box with Mommy's old monkey sandals and Daddy's old slippers. I can already taste them on my chops.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
PS- I have some hilarious videos that I'll be posting if they comply with "You Tube's" douche-bag size requirement.


Anonymous said...

Winston, you are so nice to your mommy and daddy, guarding your mommy's slippers and getting your daddy all this great stuff for his birthday.
I think I'm gonna get my daddy one of these fountains for his birthday.


Suki said...

Whoa, a 5 hour playdate? That's a long time! Is Buster a pug, too? I wish my mommy had some slippers like that...mmmmm....tasty! They are strange looking pugs, though. Thanks for the advice on the food. I think my mommy is going to start feeding me Nutro, too (it looks like the best choice for the $, or so she says)