Friday, January 26, 2007

Winston is doing fine.
We, the Grand Duke's parents, want to thank everyone for their well wishes. Little Winston is doing great, although he is not quite the man he used to be. He says that he will write about the entire experience in a few days when he's not as tender feeling; but, until then, he asks that in lieu of flowers everyone instead check out Little Suki's blog (we think he may be developing a crush on her). We were luckily able to beat the Seattle traffic and immediately snuggled Winston up in bed (the anesthesia drops their body temperature and makes them cold) and took a nap with him. Here are some pictures of his recovery.

Snuggling, and he does not look that bad.

But you can tell that it was a slightly traumatic pug experience. The vet says he should be completely back to his crazy self in about four days, but we'll make him post about the experience before then. Also, please check out his new Dogster page (click on the badge on the side of this blog).
Thanks everyone,
Winston's Humans


Anonymous said...


You are still a "manly man"...don't let anyone tell you different! I'm glad to hear that it went'll have to fill me in as it will be my turn in a few weeks!

I will likely not see you Sunday at the will probably still need your rest. Plus, if you have to wear a cone, I would have a really hard time wrestling with you :-)

Your buddy,

Oscar said...

Don't worry, you're still a man! I got neutered too! I refuse to let that deter me from charming the ladies at the dog park....they don't seem to like it much though...

Oscar said...

Oh and, I do hope you'll feel better! You'll be back to your old self in no time!

Christine said...


Giggs and I hope you make a speedy and full recovery -well, as full as you can -very soon!


Manda Girl said...

Oh goodness, we sure are glad to hear that he's AOK! Many smooches from Meimei and Miko!

Auntie Roni said...

I hope you recover quickly. Your pics are so adorable. Your are quite cute when you're not feeling well. Get well soon!!

LMizzle said...

It's gonna be okay! Maybe your parents can get you some doggie testicle implants to make you feel like a man again!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey Winstoooon!!! You look so saaaaaaad!!! But do not worry! You'll be fine in a couple of days and you are still a boy! We all send you hugs and kisses!

Libby said...

Poor Winston, We are sending you get well wishes from Texas. You are so cute and snuggly when you don't feel well. I like all of the cute puppy pics posted on your other website. You have changed so much from then. Not that you're ugly, but...well you just used to be soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww Winston, you are so cute! We will also add you to our blog :)
Good luck with getting better!

Panda and family

Kennie, Bella, Jesse, and Jynx said...

My pugs have a few well wishes for you, Winston.

Bella: You're still manly. My brother, Jynx is...fixed and he still looks manly.

Jynx: That's right.

Jesse: My wife, Bella, is right. I'm not fixed and neither is Bella, but Winston, you'll be alright bud. Also, I think Jynx is devolping a crush on Suki as well.

Jynx: Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Hey Winston,

We missed you today at the's probably a good thing that you weren't there, though. I think your daddy would have been smitten with the two pug puppies that were there. They were *tiny* and full of energy! Everyone kept oohing and ahhing over them :-)

Maybe we'll see you next weekend on the other side of the lake?!

Hope you're on the mend,