Sunday, January 07, 2007

As everyone knows, I'm a people pug. Lately, my new thing has been lifting my legs and peeing on things. Mix the two together and there is a recipe for complete DISASTER!! That's right, I peed on someone, and not just on their leg, on their torso because they were sitting on the floor. My mommy was HORRIFIED. Daddy seemed so embarrassed that he was trying to fight back constant laughter. Luckily, the people were good natured about it and I was not banned from future pug meet-ups.

These are the victims. I had lots of fun climbing all over them for about ten minutes. I became so confident that I began chasing their own pug away from them when it came to play with them. After a while, it seemed natural that I would officially stake my claim so I peed on the back of this girl. That caused mommy to scream...a LOT. But they were nice enough to pose with me in this picture after the fact. I look nervous because I see my Mommy coming in from the side to kill me (take my advice, never make a red head mad).

This is Claudia. She's a 6 month old pug puppy just like me. Unlike me she weighs just eight pounds and seems to have a zen personality. For some reason my Daddy, who was holding Claudia for a long time, kept looking at her, then looking at me and exclaiming "WHY, WHY, WHY?!?!?" at his cute little seventeen pound pug puppy.

These gals are named Thelma and Louise. They're 17 week old pug puppies who are really small and cute. That big head at the bottom of the picture is me.

I believe that this is Thelma, but they look alike.

This little cutie is Louise, if I remember correctly.

My parents thought this pug was cute but they kept commenting on how it's like looking into the future. What does that mean???

I think this little gal was named Daisy. For some reason my Daddy is obsessed with black female pugs. Something about getting it right the second time around.

This is Lucy Liu. Her mom plans the pug meet-ups.

Me in my normal place, hiding from my potential playmates.

This is Oliver, he's an utterly fearless five month old pug puppy. My Daddy tried to "accidentally" leave with him instead of me. Incidentally, it was my Mommy and his Mommy who objected. Neither of our Daddies seemed to care.

This is a brendle pug trying to get me to play. However, he was unable to produce proper documentation of his noble pedigree so I avoided him like the plague. It would look horrible if a Grand Duke played with a lowly commoner.
That's all from this pug meet-up. Everyone should be on the lookout on Ayatollah Mugsy's blog, I am currently on a top secret covert mission to assist him in the imminent overthrow of Blue Bull the Usurper, but's a secret.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh boy, Winston! You pee on a girl?! Hihihihi!! Sorry but this is funny! But you should not worry too much! You are too cute and your humans love you! So you pee on some girl... so what?! It happens... You are The Grand Duke! You can do anything!

Pug Mommy said...

OMG Winston! That is too funny! Your poor mommy must have been horrified.

Don't worry too much, Napoleon went through a phase where he would try and pee on people feet when they were sitting on the couch. He also peed both of our parents furniture. He got much better after he was neutered and as he got older.

Kara said...

Oh dear - Kritter has peed on a few people, but just legs, no bodies!
That brindle pug is cute - you'll have to double check his paper work, he must certainly be royalty!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

That was very gracious of them to pose with you in the photo. They must have realized that they are now your property.

Jackie The Puggle said...

Nice pictures. And watch where you pee from now on, you don't want to do that on a wire coming out of the wall.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, Winston! I'd really like to learn your "neat trick" of peeing on people...I'm still squatting!

Are you going to be at the off-leash park this weekend?? Mommy and Daddy said I might be able to go if the weather isn't too bad...have your Daddy drop my parents an email through the meet-up website if you plan on going!! I'd love to learn your new trick there!

Your buddy, Oliver

Oscar said...

Well, Winston, we did watch the game. Ohio State played horribly, so the geeks in my parents watched some ancient architecture program on the history channel! I don't know which was worse: watching Ohio State play horribly or the History channel. Anyways, Mommy was rooting for the BIg 10 but she is definitely not disappointed that they lost! Finally, the buckeyes get what they deserve for being so arrogant and obnoxious! What about your Mommy?

Duke & Gidget said...

Woo Hoo Winston! Way to go buddy. Even I haven't peed on a human. Yet. Thanks for showing me it's possible to do it without consequences.

Also, tell your Dad thanks for congratulating us on the game. And yes, we do feel very lucky. And no, we don't have any expectations of going any further in the playoffs. But it sure was a fun game!


libby said...

Oh Winston, did you know it's in your family to pee on people? Your cousin, Chip, is quite well-versed in the art of peeing on people (their faces) and people's pillows.