Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time to De-Lurk Everyone
Hello to my loyal fans. As we approach 3000 visitors, a number that shocks my parents but shouldn't since they serve an adorable puglet, it has come to our attention that we have received nowhere near 3000 comments. Therefore, we are inviting all of our previously silent guests to expose themselves by leaving a comment (please, expose no further). If you are a pug or dog fan and have a similar website, please let us know the address because we have been looking to expand our friends links. So, without further ado...please de-lurk.

I borrowed this from Meimei and Miko's website. Thanks guys.

This is the look that I and many other Seahawks fans now have, a big frowny face.

I made this yuk face right after Hasselbeck threw an interception immediately after the hawks made a timely interception themselves (Daddy is beginning to think he was a one year wonder).

This is when the Bears were kicking the game winning field goal. I couldn't stand to watch because I knew it would not go well.

This is actually really creepy. It would seem that a man named Gary Patterson has been spying in my parents' room at night and painting what he saw onto ceramic gold edged plates. My parents are looking into a restraining order.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
PS- what do you think of my new drag and drop template?


Manda Girl said...

Love the new template! I am looking to make a chance to the new template too - just easier to get around.

Kind of De-lurking...we come here all the time and LOVE Winston!!

Pug Mommy said...

Maggie says to tell you she is sorry about your Seahawks. She said she understands and felt the same way when our Titans didn't make it 2 weeks ago. :(

We are now rooting for the Saints -- mainly because we hate the Colts and Patriots.

PS. Love the cartoon. Napoleon is a total bed hog.

Christine said...

Time to "delurk" for me as well! I've been reading your blog since you first started in the summer. I LOVE to see Winston's cute pics and read his hilarious stories. Keep it coming Winston, we're big fans :)

PS: You are still very cute even though you're bigger.

Django said...

I love the new templete, it's clean and I like the colors!

Aunt Roni said...

The template is better...Winston is becoming very professional. Happy 3000, people really love you!

Momentarily_Distracted said...

I'll delurk because Winston is such a cutie-pie. I've been reading your posts for a little while now but couldn't think of anything witty enough to post in the comments section.
It was disapointing to see the 'Hawks go down, but at least we went all the way into overtime. Could have been worse, I imagine.

Sophie, Roxie, & Mr. Bones said...

Sophie, Roxie & Mr. Bones think you are adorable. You come a close 2nd to them. We look at your blog everyday for updates. Sophie, Roxie & Mr. Bones got tired since they get no reply. Grandma gets tired too. Love & Kisses from TX and we will try to do better.

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey Winston! The new template looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hee - I like you Winston... Britannia Aine Grainne Sasha - aka Aine. Do you have a myspace?