Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Slow Week In Seattle.
I don't know if anyone watched American Idol tonight, but the introductory line about Seattle was the people here "love the rain, they love their dogs (multiple dogs were shown waiting in line), and they love to yell." The rain sucks and yelling scares me, but it is completely understandable why they love their dogs. See below for a clearer explanation.

People love dogs in Seattle because some approach (but just barely), my cuteness. This is me sitting on top of my Daddy's growing bald spot.

Reason #2 that people absolutely love their dogs.

Here, I am learning to be inconspicuous so that I can be a secret agent.

Look at that fat roll on my neck. Holy Cow!!!

My parents think that it's strange that I seem able to comfortably rest in any position.

But it is really comfortable, and I could sleep much better if Daddy would get that damn camera out of my face.

I love my football weinerdog, which was recently reincarnated with the help of Mommy and numerous patches and spools of thread.

Hello ;)

Good sleep, make me very happy.

This was me after Mommy and Daddy snuck me into "A Comedy of Errors." I thought the writing was outstanding but the 8:30 playtime was just too late for a sleepy pug. I spent most the time licking the dried up coke from underneath the seat next to Daddy. The person in that seat thought that it was strange to have a pug as a seeing eye dog, but Mommy assured him that I was just beginning training. (Parent's note: none of that happened. Although we did want to take Winston to the play we did not because we did not think that he would appreciate the plot, or forego peeing on the floor or running onto stage.)
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Paula said...

I thik it is a pose particular to pugs. Bandit especially is in that position alot. Hey, if it is comfy, I say go for it!

Oscar said...

You can sleep in any position too? Me too! It helps having that ability because Mommy likes to shove and push me around the bed at night. I end up in a lot of strange positions. Also, the other day, Daddy was sleeping on TOP of me while I was drooping off the couch.

Kennie said...

Winston, you are adorable! *grabs Winston's puggie cheeks* are you the pug that's marrying that other pug, daisy? or is it some other Winston?

I have three pugs myself: Bella, Jesse, and Jynx. Jesse isn't related to Bella, so he's married to her and Jynx is Bella's brother by blood.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

You have some limber legs, Winston. Perhaps I would lie down like that, too, if I hadn't had knee surgery as a pup.

Thank you for your help as the ministry works to crush the chew-toy insurgency.

Aunt Roni said...

Winston, I did see American Idol last night and was looking for you. I have had fun reading about all your pug friends through your links. Eddie made me stop, though. Something about a "slippery slope". I think all your friends are adorable and lead very interesting and complicated lives...especially ayatolla.

Libby said...

Hey Winston, nice going on the sleeping positions! Your legs look like they could be little drum sticks. :)

Kara said...

Hi Winston!
Tell you momma that Rascal's leg is doing great! The vet is very pleased with his progress.
Thanks for asking!

Mic said...

I don't think I need to remind you how cute you are Winston. Mia is only 15 days your jr. and she also enjoys napping in any shape or form. Love your pictures. Will visit again.

Suki said...

My puppy, Suki, has started to do that, too. She sleeps with her legs bent in all sorts of crazy directions! Winston is so adorable!