Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm an EXTREME sport Pug!!!
Mommy and Daddy got me a sled to enjoy the snow and, as you can see, I really tore it up!!

This is me after I just perfectly weaved down and double black diamond known as "The Pug Widowmaker." That look is one of pure satisfaction.

Initially I was nervous about getting into the sled because Daddy is normally playing mean tricks on me, but not this time. It totally ROCKED!

This is me showing off my beautiful girth.

A requisite cute picture.

Cuteness, take 2.

This is not's adorable.
It's not supposed to snow in Seattle, but at least it's pretty.

See the snowflakes?? Pretty.


Me relaxing under Daddy's desk while he reads. It looks like I am getting bigger.

It's important to get plenty of rest when it's cold out.

You should always bundle with a loved one if necessary, here I have selected my penguin to help keep me warm.

All I wanted in this picture was to get my arms around him, I really don't like cold weather =(
Snarf everyone later (hopefully when it's nice enough to go to the dog-park),
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh it snowed there! I want some snow! My humans said that is unusual it didn't snow... Anyway it seems you had fun! Pug kisses!

Pug Mommy said...

Winston you are so cute. I love the picture of you snuggled under the quilt.

PS. Maggie says to tell you "hi!"

Manda Girl said...

So cute!! We have some snow and cold weather here too - the only thing to do is snuggle under the covers with the pugs.

Duke & Gidget said...

Wow Winston, we always knew you were extreme, but we thought you were just extremely cute.
We got lots of snow up here too. We used to think it was fun, but now it's really starting to get annoying!

Anonymous said...

Hey cute pug you look really cute and cumffy with your penguin

Anonymous said...

Hey Winston...glad you are enjoying the snow. I'm not so sure I like it, especially at 5am when I went out for my potty-break!

Hopefully it won't be so cold this weekend and we'll be able to hang out at the dogpark together! Unfortunately, I refuse to wear any type of clothing, otherwise my Mommy could bundle me up! Cross your fingers for better weather...

Your pal,

Anonymous said...

Winston, you look like a big snuggle bear...I miss your face!!! Stay warm...

Aunt Roni