Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pugs Who Should Be Neutered: An Ode to Rollo
I get neutered on Friday and I am not looking forward to it (my second ball has yet to drop). I also don't understand it, my genes are so perfect that they need to be allowed to spread. Consider this: my parents wanted to get a pug because of an ugly pug named Rollo that they used to dog-sit. They used to think Rollo was cute until I came along, and now that they have viewed perfection (me) they don't want to allow me to make puglets. It didn't use to take much to impress my parents pug-wise. Rollo is what is called a "recycling pug" (eats poo) and is also so dumb that its amazing he's still alive. Luckily, his mommy loves him.

This is Rollo. Strangely, he is simultaneously not much to look at and way TOO much to look at.

He is only four, he should not look this old. But this makes me feel better about my fat roles.

Honestly, is this picture cuter than the top two?

If you had to choose between Rollo and this, which would you choose. Finally, a note on cultural sensitivity: apparently, it's not funny to suggest that people in China are summarily executed for being late to meetings, especially when making the joke to someone from communist China (one of my parents discovered this today, they were just kidding but it earned them a nasty look).
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth (and still in possession of both testicles).
[Parents' note: Lynn, we apologize and we have no idea why Winston believes that we think Rollo is the most disgusting creature ever to walk the face of the earth, ewww and the way he eats poo likes it's a snack. GROSS. Anyways, the opinions expressed above are solely those of the Grand Duke and other members of his household...DOH!]


Ronin_The_Pug said...

I don’t like that neuter thing a bit! But if your second ball isn’t where it should be, maybe your mommy and daddy took the right decision… My humans thought about neutering thing too… but in the end they said no… In the second picture you look so cuteeee!!!!

Suki said...

Hey Winston,
Thanks for adding Suki to your links! Her blog is still new, so it's nice to have some support :) Don't worry about the neutering's not so bad. I'm sure you'll be totally pampered afterwards (milk it for all you can get!) Oh, and you are soooo much cuter than that other pug ;)

LMizzle said...

Oh my goodness! That Rollo dog is HILARIOUS!

Kennie said...

Winston, don't be mean! I haven't met a pug who's ugly.

My Blogg:

Anonymous said...

Good luck Winston, be brave. Your treats are on their way.

Aunt Roni said...

Winston, write your congressman.

Pug Mommy said...

We will be thinking about you today while you are getting neutered Winston!

PS. You should be nicer to Rollo, not every pug can be as cute as you. You are going to give Rollo a complex.