Sunday, March 02, 2008

Weekend of Chores
In my household I am more than just a pretty face. As a mature pug I am now expected to pull my weight. Sometimes this is quite irritating, but I will assimilate if need be and take my place in the complex division of labor that is a pug household. But that does not mean that I will not gripe about it.

This is my 'do we really have to do chores? Can't we just lay on the couch and chew on bones all day?' face.

First we made the bed.

Then we did laundry. My job is to smell the towels and determine which ones are dirty.

Yeah, these are pretty dirty, but I better double check.

Mmmmm, GLORIOUS DIRTY TOWELLS!!! I love this smell SOOOO much!!!

After the chores are done I like to veg for a while, but, of course, this is how must pug days end.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Nevis said...

Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth, you should be king!

ladypug said...

Winston, you look verrrry excited about making that bed!

Pug Mommy said...

Napoleon loves dirty towels too! You did a great job helping with the chores.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Since you don't weigh a whole lot, pulling your own weight shouldn't be a problem.

ronin the oug said...

Hey Winston! I love to fight with towels tooo! Hahaha!!

ronin the pug said...

Me again! The human didn't pay attention and wrote ronin the oug! Can you believe it?

TwoPugs said...

You're a good puggie "helping" with all the chores. I certainly hope you got a treat for all your trouble.

Oscar said...

Oh norman! I hate chores too! I'm sorry they made you work!