Sunday, March 16, 2008

HELP!!! My Parents Found A Stray!
OMD! My parents for some reason have decided to ruin a perfect thing and are getting some floosy stray! To make matters worse, they expect me to share my toys with this mangy mongrel. I do not know what I am going to do =-( Thankfully, she will not come to live with us until the beginning of May.

This is Daddy holding the stray. [Parents' Note: She is not a stray, her name is Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug. She is the Duchess d'Bonapug and will likely be made an honorary Grand Duchess of the House of Pugsworth...but negotiations continue on that front.] They think that she is really cute for some reason.

This is Mommy holding the same thing.

My parents love this picture. I don't get it!!! Daddy hates rats and hamsters, this merely looks like a mixture of the two.

Sideview of the stray.

The boring stray/vermin was asleep the entire time. Why would my parents want that? It is clearly defective!!

Notice her little ears sticking straight out. They are still too small to flop over. This is unacceptabe in so many ways.

This is Cosette's Bio-Dad, Prince. My parents said he was cool and liked butt-scratches. I can respect that.

He is a handsome guy. I am dissappointed that his offspring are so revolting.

Here is Cosette's Bio-Mom, Mei Ling. Does her toy look familiar?

This is me and my strawberry. Once again, the apple seems to fall quite far from the tree.

This is all the rat/hamster vermin together.

That is the stray [Parents' note: Cosette] with her fat fawn sister.

Here is one of Cosette's older sisters, Lillie, chillin' on the couch.

And here is what I, Winston, think of this whole thing.
Pray for the Duke of Pugsworth... my world is ending!!
/s/ Winston, the Happy Only Child


Frances Louise said...

You need to have firmly establish a NO STRAY policy with your humans. If you let them bring in that black rat/hamster, who knows what else they will allow into your kingdom . . .

About the eagles . . . my parents are very vigilant about watching me wander around if there are eagles present (unfortunately, in Alaska, eagles are present ALL the time). This past week was the only close call I have had -- the eagles always seem to be otherwise preoccupied with salmon. However, my parents have heard multiple stories about smaller dogs/cats being carried away by those birds.

Anonymous said...


I dont care how adorable the rat looks but you still are in my opinion the best looking pug i've ever laid my eyes on the internet.
Hang in tight! This could be a blessing. You will have somebody to boss around and perhaps even conspire for treats!


Swampgirl said...

Ever since my human father brought home a creature such as that my life has been much harder! If I had known what a pest she would be I would have found a way to get rid of her before she took over my kingdom. You have my sympathy, Eli

Manda Girl said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That's so AWESOME, I mean awful!


Anonymous said...

Hey Winston

with the mongrol being so little at least you will have more expreience knowing what goes on around the house hold but when the little thing starts to act like the center of attention just be like how you were as a puppy

Lynn said...

That is one cute little rat/pug. I like the first one with her tongue sticking out. Good Luck, Winston. Look at the bright side, you'll have your first minion to lord over.
Aunt Lynn, Uncle Ray
Rollo and Parker

Sparky said...

Winston, you do know that with a new addition means training, aka more treats! I was worried when Patches came home, but my mama is too much of a sap to doll out treats to only one pup - so yay for me!

Nevis said...

Oh Winston...instead of thinking that this is a stray that you have to put up with.......consider that your humans are nice enough to get you your own concubine! :) And she's very can train her!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

OH NO! You POOR GUY! I feel so sorry for you. You'll have to share now! That really sucks. My Woman is SO JEALOUS of your people. I'm glad Ian won't let her get a stray. At least he's good for something!

Christine & Giggs said...

Winston, if you can figure out how, mail her to us! We just wanna help you out :)

Sequoia & Petunia Best Pug Sisters! said...

Don't can train her to help out in making the humans life difficult! I know when my human adopted my so called "sister" I was worried...but now she causes just as much trouble as me!

Hang in there,

Pug Mommy said...

OMG!!! We are SO excited for you. She is adorable!! I know her and Winston will get along great! I can't wait until May.

In Pug We Trust said...

Hi Winston!

So far, I have avoided Mommy and Daddy bringing home any strays. I just act terrible at the pug meetups, ignoring the other dogs and pouting until they bring me home.

Much luck!

P.S. Mommy says that picture looks like me when I was little. I can't even imagine ...

Ragnheidur said...

Awwwwww, we are so happy for you Winston, the stray is adorable. We are highly jealous. We always thought you needed a sidekick ;)

Ragnheidur said...

That was Panda's mom by the way..

Page said...

Oh, how adorable! Good luck, Winston! You are sure to have a new accomplice to help with any mischief you might want to create!

Suki Sumo said...

Hoorah! She's not a stray, she is your new little sissy! You're going to have another pug to boss around. Be happy, Winston. Being bossy rules.