Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter-Egg Hunt!!
Following my protest/mental breakdown regarding adding a dog to our family, my parents took me to an Easter-egg hunt in a huge field to try to cheer me up. Unfortunately, there were lots of other dogs at the hunt and they kinda cramped my style. But I got over it.

Hey Daddy, this is fun and all but with such a large field I do not see why we should be hanging out here next to all these undignified mongrels. Let's blow this popsicle stand and go further out into the field away from these pea-brained snorters!!

Here is a view of just a small part of the field where the hunt was. That is me way down the path, chasing my frisbee. And there are some people in the background looking for eggs.

This is Zoe, our pug-meetup organizer's new dog. She is a cute little seven month old (according to my parents) that was going to be a show dog, but who has now been relegated to a life of being spoiled rotten. I welcome her to pugland...we were not meant to work in any capacity.

This is my old bud Oliver. He was my first (and most likely only) dog BFF. Not all the dogs there were total drags.

Look how many pugs!

Of course, with all those pugs, I was happiest playing by myself with my frisbee.

I was happily trotting along here chasing my frisbee, and I failed to notice the lumbering beasts in the background.

This is me in the wild, the way that pugs were meant to roll...provided there is air-conditioning, soft places to sleep, plenty of toys, many treats, regular meals, human laps, and televisions to pass the time. We pugs know how to rough it.

Here, I noticed the beasts. I was a bit surprised by the size of these dogs, They also had a slimmer more muscular figure than me, but that does not mean that I am going to fear them (see below).

Sometimes, prudence is wiser than valor. I am not a sissy, I am scared only of huge dogs like these, yorkies, and everything in between.
Snarf Everydog Later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Anonymous said...

Dear Winston,

Im glad you finally have a day with your parents instead of being consumed thinking of the soon to be addition to your kingdom. BTW, that is some rough life you are living (a/c, good meals, toys etc...)


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Oh my. Those are some giant beasts! Did you get to sniff their butts?

ladypug said...

Winston, you have such a dignified manly bark! Good thing you gave it to those giant-mongrels right!

Nevis said...

Oh crack me up. I loved the line, "We pugs know how to rough it."..........! LMAO!

Clover said...

Hi Winston!
Looks like you had fun at your Easter egg hunt. Those big dogs, my grandma has two! We were there on Thursday last week and my mom tried to make me say hello to one. I got really mad and tried jumping out of her arms...
Love Clover xo
P.S. Don't read this next part, Winston, it's for your parents from my mom: you are getting a new little puggie?!! She is so so so cute!!

Lucy said...

Very brave Winston, I myself had to throw it down on some kind of crazy dogs called cows this weekend. They ran when I bark, as any animal in its right mind should.

Frances Louise said...

How awesome that you were able to roam around that huge field during the Easter Egg hunt . . . did you actually find any eggs?

Wow, those are pretty big dogs. I dunno, I would be scared of them too . . .

Pug Mommy said...

That easter egg hunt looks like fun. Ours got cancelled... bummer. There sure were alot of pugs there.

The Snick said...

That's some manly romping for a dog bred to adorn the laps of the Gay sovereigns during the Shang dynasty. Nice. Enjoy the sunshine of your parents attention while it lasts. My mom keeps threatening to get me a "brother" or "sister" too. As if.