Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Totally Screwed
As some of you may be aware, my parents went and visited a stray this past weekend. Mommy had been harboring some doubts as to whether she was ready to care for a mangy mongrel (since Daddy never helps). Any hope that I had that she would get cold feet evaporated when, at a rest stop on the way to see the stray, my parents came across a seven week old pug taking his first trip home. It just so happens that a seven week old pug and my Daddy have the same size bladder. Had Daddy held it, I might still be an only pug, but since he could not hold it I shall now have to deal with a new sister rather soon.

This is very similar to what I shall soon have to contend with. This little guy is named Frank, and he represents everything that I hate about the world ... namely that there are things that may be cuter than me.

Daddy was trying to barter me away for Frank, when that did not work he offered to throw in the Stray. No deal was reached and Mommy said that he could wait a month and half. Daddy pouted, kissed the strange puppy (traitor!!!) and went about his business.

Oooh, dirt. What is attactive about such a moron?

Look at me, when I tuck under my legs my weight shifts to my behind. This guy is a regular Einstein.

This is what cute is!!!! Don't forget about me!!!
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


The Snick said...

Hang in there little buddy! You might enjoy having a little sister to torment on slow days. And did you know that two pugs means two FOOD BOWLS. That's right, double the chow for you once you let her know who's boss.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Don't worry Winston - we will always think you are cuter than the stray, no matter what!

ladypug said...

Hey Winston, don't forget - the more feeble the mind, the easier it is to manipulate. Your job may be easier than you think!

Chewie said...

When Mah MaMa and the Ricky brought home the lil Alien (also a stray, I'm sure named Le Mops) it was horrible. He eats all mah food from both bowls and jumps on me all day. I think he is trying to steal mah brains! But as the fawn pug in the house, you will always get more attention and be cuter--that's just the way it is! Just remember to claim your sleeping place on da bed before the stray makes it up there! *snort* Chewie

Anonymous said...

Hey Winston

At least you will have better luck than i do i don't have any good luck any more after my local college friends team season was over that is when my luck ran out

Oscar said...

Oh Winston...surely it won't be that bad. Now you'll have another siblign to torture and pick on and play with when your humans are busy. Who knows, maybe she'll be a devious pug like yourself. Think of all the ways you can get annoy the humans.

Pug Mommy said...

Oh Winston, I bet you will learn to love your new sister.

Frances Louise said...

Your Dad seems to have a wandering eye for pug puppies . . . Maybe if you start pooping and peeing around the house, your parents will be reminded what a pain housebreaking a puppy is and leave the stray alone . ..