Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mean Parents
My mean parents made me go get blood tests for some reason. To make up for this insufferable abuse they agreed to play with me and let me sleep.

See the bandage from the horrible abuse that I was subjected to? Such cruel parents. Luckily, they threw the ball for me in an attempt to get into my good graces. Even Alpha looks like he is annoyed that they would subject me to such horrendous abuse.

Later, I chilled a bit on the couch. My parents thought it was funny the way my back leg bent. They thought it looked like a random pug leg was growing out of my side.

This is more traditional pug chillin'. Notice the destroyed and mashed-in couch pillows. The parents attibute that damage to a certain pug. I think that I am a scape-pug because one time me and daddy got home and saw Mommy digging and knawing at the pillows. She may be responsible for a good portion of the damage. Daddy thinks she is "commitable"...whatever that means.
This is my new BFF. It is an old sock of Mommy's that she tied in a knot and gave to me rather than throw it away. My parents are starting to think that they will just give me old socks instead of new toys. I can't believe it took them this long to realize that I savor nothing in life more that the aroma of a dirty old foot.

The "sad pug" eyes ... more food please :-(

When sad eyes alone do not get food I turn to the "sad eyes with a head twist."

This story only ends one way: Mommy calls me over and feeds me the choice pieces of that night's dinner. Such is the life of a pug.

Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You poor guy! They're sticking you with needles now? I'm so sorry! I blame all my indiscretions on Woman too. Like that hole in the couch - yep, Woman did it.

ladypug said...

Winston, they are taking your blood to get the super-intelligent pug strain into their powers! They'll be reproducing world-domineering pug puppies before you know it! You must step up your plans of domination before the Winston-clones take over!

Lucy said...

Cool leg kick Winston, us puggies are good at free style sleeping.